Times of Change…

I will start out by saying that I sincerely hope anyone reading this had a wonderful and peaceful Holiday season.  Mine was quite restful and a bit productive.  The interesting thing about idleness during our holidays is that they give us ample opportunities to think, but also offer us little in the way of productive escapes from our thoughts.    And unfortunately for ourselves in these most interesting of times, our deeper thoughts and feelings offer us very little in terms of closure, solid directions, or coherent pictures of our future.  Over this vacation I have had ample opportunity to explore myself, take stock of where I am, and try to plot a coherent course for my future.  Through it all my cognitive dissonance has been my nemesis.  As many others like me seeking to wake up and open our eyes and our hearts to the these times of human transition, I find myself plagued by my own competing dreams, my desires to relax, seek out a normal life, and find some sense of stability, and my responsibilities to remain awake, keep my head above the water, and continue seeking out and investigating both the lightest and darkest facets of our human experience.  My work is never easy and I have had no illusions that it ever would be.  Nothing worthwhile in this life ever comes without struggle and my struggles have surely taken their toll mentally, physically, and emotionally on this slowly aging but still fresh and young human body.  I bear my scares as reminders of the path I have chosen, the deeper they reach, the more important the lesson they teach…

Through it all, I have come to an understanding and acceptance of the times in which we live.  And while I still cling to the remnants of my dreams of stability, I have accepted them as merely my own delusional fantasies, the precious ties that continue to entangle me with my own humanity.  The simple fact is that we cannot hold true stability in our lives amid unstable times.  The best we can hope for is some type of dynamic homeostasis.  Any real feelings of true stability we seek out and experience are merely illusions as our lives and times are pulled and effected by much more powerful forces.

These are times of great change for our human community.  They are times of transition from one given paradigm to another of our ultimate choosing.  2012 saw the emergence of a few of these new ideas, new dreams, and new possibilities.  2013 began setting the stage for the coming transitions.  And while I am always careful about making predictions for the future, I feel that we will see a great acceleration of that transition in 2014 and the years beyond.  Though the times of this transition will likely be difficult, confusing, and a bit frightening, I understand that they are simply part of the natural course of our evolution as a human experience, a period to be embraced, cherished, and honored rather than feared…

So what are we to do?  What types of challenges lie ahead during our transition?  What forces are pulling us in these directions and how can we affect them and chose our ultimate destination?  How can we master this transition and build the world our children deserve?  And how can we stay grounded, maintain our reference points, and avoid the traps of our own delusional fantasies as we investigate our new realities?

The cold reality is that these times appear to be so dynamic that I cannot offer much in terms of a coherent course ahead.  However I am able to offer you a bit of a reference point and reveal some of my deeper gut feelings and intuitions as to the lessons we must learn over the years ahead…

Our world at this time is showing increasing signs of instability at a level I have not seen though my investigations of our history.  Our economies and the very currencies we hold dear are on life support, just trying to survive the next quarter, the next year amid the forces of their unsustainable operating systems.  Our world has become increasingly militaristic and now, for the first time since the collapse of that great wall, we are beginning to see the shadows of the possibility of major power warfare.  Our own endless war on terrorism drives us forward fueled by its own inertia as we continue to fund and create the enemies and others of our future global conflicts.  Our American security state has reached unimaginable proportions and with every revelation hitting the news we are reminded that we are witnessing only the very tip of this iceberg.  And the levels of corruption and shady money within our halls of government are finally being revealed as we approach the great awakening from our American dreams.  Through it all, I feel that we are decidedly approaching the Rubicon, the point of no return and that we will soon experience the final death, the dark night, of our beloved American Republic.  And as our bubbles begin to burst our souls will be laid bare to the challenging realities of our times…

Yet amid all these trials and challenges ahead we can persevere.  We can overcome the darkest nights of our experiences and we can create new and amazing realities for our future generations.  But we cannot do it alone.  It must be a collective, human effort and each and every one of us has a very critical role to play whether we realize or not at this time.  Of course the hard part of it all is that before we change our world, we have to figure out how to change ourselves…

The simple fact of this experience is that we cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness, the same reference point, we used while creating them.  The walls we have built and the challenges we have created are based on fear, duality, and hate.  We can only conquer them with our collective understanding of true courage, unity, and love.  While there will be many calls for violent struggle against our oppressors over the coming years, we must understand the necessity of divorcing ourselves from these dark and vile impulses.  Through our struggles we must, above all else, preserve ourselves and our humanity.  For at the end of our days in this realm of existence, that will be all which we can call our own…

Through these times of change, I firmly believe that we can succeed, that we can prevail, and that we can create amazing new realities for our children.  Although we will likely bear witness to the death of our American Republic, like a phoenix we can pull it from the ashes and see it rise again in conjunction with a new human consciousness and human paradigm based on true and everlasting love.  Although we will likely experience the dark night of our human civilization, we can bring forth the coming dawn through the light which exists deep within our souls.  And although many of us lie unprepared for the challenges standing in our path, although many of us remain asleep amid our dreams of stability in unstable times, we will all realize the true power of our potential and the infinite capabilities of our human species.

As for me, I cannot say what the future has in store although I have quite a few deeper intuitions and understanding which I cannot reveal at this time.  My life and my human experience are forever entangled with the times of my beloved human species.  I know that I have a very important role to in the course of these human events and I am done fighting that part of my destiny.  It is only through true acceptance of our time, circumstance, and coincidence that we can find our true strength.  I wish all of you the best in 2014.  With a new year we have new opportunities.  This is Brian Donnelly signing back in to work.  I’ll see you on the job.  In Love and In La’kesh.



3 JAN 2014, 1500(L), Raeford, NC, USA


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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2 Responses to Times of Change…

  1. Tom Buchanan says:

    It’s time to chill for a bit and recognize that not all is doom and gloom. I usually watch the weekly posts by John Green (and his brother Hank), and this week week John offered some positive changes and trends to be aware of. He’s a pretty smart and interesting guy. The video is only 3:46, and worth watching.

    • There are so many positive things going on in this world that I cannot begin to start listing them. My apologies if I appear too “doom and gloom” but as a product of my position I must acknowledge more of the darker sides of this experience just as a matter of personal preparation and a record of my thoughts if nothing else. I personally enjoy my “chill time” but always have to keep moving forward and playing the cards I have been dealt. Still it is a wonderful life and I am always thankful for this experience. Interesting times these are.

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