A Few Words on Destiny…

It is quite often that a man meets his destiny on the roads he took to avoid it.  Regardless of the twisted and broken roads he travels, the wrong turns he takes along the way, and the many hazards and temptations he encounters on the path, it appears there are still powerful forces at work drawing him towards his future.  One year ago, we marked the transition of a great cycle in our time, and in the past year many of my deeper intuitions have come true while a few others appear just beyond the horizon of my current consciousness.  And while I am still quite burdened by the painful cognitive dissonance of contradictory realities and competing dreams, I am beginning to feel the greater balance of things.  I understand that there are much more powerful forces at work in this life than those which I can perceive with my own eyes.  I have felt them pulling me in certain directions, teaching me a few critical lessons, and driving me toward that which I can only describe in words as my own destiny.  Though I currently lack the knowledge, wisdom, or consciousness to adequately identify just what these forces might be, I can say that I am beginning to feel them more strongly than at any time in my life.  They appear to manifest themselves in all of us as small points of synchronicity, random chance happenings in a world full of coincidences, and deep seeded intuitional gut feelings manifesting in each of us from time to time.  While many would discount most of these feelings as simple random chance, it is worth noting that in this reality our past, our future, and the now appears to be nothing but manifestation of such orderly random chance and probability.  To experience the power of this ordered random probability is the basis of existence, but to see and understand the clues lying directly in front of our faces is decidedly a learned skill as the lifting of veils, the breaking down of our personal walls is never an easy process.

At this point, I can’t quite put my finger on just where these forces might be pulling me or where they might be leading the rest of humanity for that matter.  As with our quantum reality, order appears most manifested on larger scales whereas on the lower levels the powers of random chance, coincidence, and free will appear to reign supreme.  On the larger level as a species, I feel we are approaching some type of a great period of transition, a phase shift from one given reality to another.  While this change has been written about and prophesized by many ancient traditions, I don’t feel they are truly worthwhile sources as ultimately we, operating in the now, are the sole authors of our collective future.  By searching for our answers not within the ancient texts, religious traditions, and artifacts of our cultures but within the wisdom of our own hearts, I feel we can much better prepare ourselves to manifest the future of our very precious human race.  Through this eternal wisdom, I hope that we can learn to embrace these times of transition with the true enjoyment, love, and compassion they deserve.

The path ahead will not be easy for any of us, as no worthwhile journeys ever are.  Along the roads we travel, we will encounter our greatest demons, our darkest secrets, and the deepest depths of our collective souls.  Along the course we will likely endure the dark night of our own experience and learn the difficult lessons of saying no to our attachments, our fears, and our personal egos.  Yet through the darkness we can always find the light.  Through the transitions we can birth a new reality for our children.  And through our challenges we can discover our true strength.  The forces that pull us in these directions are strong indeed.  Yet nothing in this reality is ultimately stronger than the power of love and directed human free will.

As for me, much of this life remains to be written.  While I won’t go into any details about where I feel my intuitions and intentions may be pulling me, I can say that life is going in quite a few interesting directions at this time.  Many of these I am only beginning to understand, but the more points of convergence I find, the more connections I discover, and the more difficult lessons I learn and internalize, the greater my ability to perceive and accept the changes going on  in my life and my world.  To put it simply, I am done fighting.  Resistance to your own destiny and the role you must play in the greater experience of humanity is ultimately futile.  I have traveled that road for several years, experienced many difficult lessons, and ultimately have found little worth holding on  and attaching myself.  It is likely that these powerful unseen forces are pulling us in some very critical directions at this time and that we all have a very important role to play in the current evolutionary path of our species.  I guess I am only beginning to discover a few pieces of my own puzzle, my apologizes for not being able to explain more.  Such is the life we live I guess.  Continue your work and always follow your heart.  I’ll see you on the road.  In Love and In La’kesh.



22 DEC 2013, 1100(L), Raeford, NC, USA


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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