Scope of Work…

Well my friends we truly exist in the most interesting of times.  Life has been quite busy and entertaining for me lately as I have been doing quite a bit of traveling and exploring over the past few months while sharing some quality moments with old friends and epic adventures with a few others.  An through it all I would like to thank all of the amazing individuals with whom I have had the privilege of sharing these experiences as they have all contributed immeasurably to my happiness, understanding, and sanity.

My apologies however for not taking the time recently to form some of my though thoughts and feelings into human language for you.  These times have been quite interesting and my ability to translate many of my insights is still quite lacking at the present moment.  And perhaps one of my greatest difficulties has been communicating and operationalizing the actual scope of my work and the efforts which have taken a considerable amount of my time over the last several months.  For numerous reasons, this work is incredibly difficult to fully express and at times even dangerous as humans have a nasty tendency to be ever capable of taking simple messages entirely the wrong way.  Still, I feel at this time that I at least owe my friends somewhat of a better explanation than the simple “I am trying to save the world” and that is ultimately what I hope to accomplish in this brief message.

I will begin by discussing briefly the times we live in and a bit about the great challenges and opportunities we are feeling in them.  I will then explain a few of the tools and capabilities we have at our disposal before finally establishing a reference point as to where I see my place in this great human transformation at our present moment in time.  While this scope of work is nowhere near complete, I hope that it will at least serve to establish a baseline for further and deeper discourse, understanding, and eventually wisdom.

These times…It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we happen to be living in very difficult and trying times for our species.  Our natural ecosystems and environments are steadily degrading as a result of our polluting chemicals, genetic modifications, climate manipulations, and our ever expanding human footprint.  Our governments and militaries are leading us ever closer to global confrontation as they continue to compete for scarcer resources and their old and outdated definitions of power, force, and influence.  Our economies are on life support held together by steady influxes of cheap currency as we are beginning to see the initial echoes of our system of global finance and capitalism entering its final struggle.  Our societies have been increasingly polarized as we have been taught to see division over connection and duality over unity.  And our education systems have been increasingly corrupted by the need to produce steady streams of semi-competent workers as opposed to enlightened and fully functional human beings.

Through these problems we naturally seek holistic and lasting solutions but constantly find ourselves falling short as the path to total human transformation is simply not possible under the same consciousness which brought about our problems in the first place.  Thus, the only course leading towards the transformation of humanity, the only possible solution to our problems, and the only means of achieving a truly peaceful, free, and liberated global society must begin with a transitional evolution of basic human consciousness.  And it is this path, this doorway, which I have been seeking deeply through my recent work.  For one does not conquer the darkness by fighting in the shadows.  One conquers it simply by bringing forth the light.

It is worth noting at this time that many of these transitions have been quite accurately prophesized long ago by several of our ancient civilizations.  While I am always hesitant to find deep meaning in ancient predictions concerning the transition and turning of the ages as I risk both coming off as too much of a hippie new ager and also entangling myself too deeply humanities past while obscuring the amazing power of human free will for its future, I must say that it appears many of our ancestors possessed a great deal if indispensable and powerful knowledge about our times and deeper personal investigation into their understanding will likely bear great fruit and blessings for all who are willing to take the time.  Ultimately though, I feel that is much more the power of human free will and pure human love over the simple turning of our celestial timepieces that will lead us through our next great transformation and into a much brighter future for our species.

Our Tools…As we continue our work to build the world of tomorrow, we have several incredibly powerful tools at our disposal.  While I am not able to go into adequate detail with them at this time and this is by no means anywhere near a comprehensive list I hope that they may at least help spark a sense of further investigation and discourse later down the road.

Love…This is absolutely by far the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal.  Love embodies the essence of pure unity where all reality exists devoid of separation as a single coherent body of matter, energy, and consciousness.  For this reason, it is the resonant frequency of our universe and through it all things are truly possibly.  Just be aware that pure love is based on a compassion for and connection to all things and all beings without judgment and it is not what we humans so often confuse with things like lust, desire, and attachment in many of our personal relationships.  Love is also the essence of what our Christian traditions term as Christ Consciousness and is deeply revered and respected by all the major religions of our world.

Entanglement…Our cutting edge quantum physicists are discovering that any elementary particle which has ever interacted or shared a relationship with any other particle retains a degree of entanglement with it that can transcend our contemporary boundaries of space and even time.  Since our entire universe at once originated from a single source, it follows that we live in a deeply entangled universe operating on levels much deeper than our current understanding.  The scope and potential of this entanglement is far too great for this posting, however things like non-locality, morphic resonance, and the eternal ether surround all matter in the universe quickly come into light through further study.  Entanglement, it appears represents one of the many deep physical manifestations of unity and can be used extensively in our future efforts.

Knowledge…This is ever present within our universe and defined simply as the capability of knowing.  Many of us spend countless years of our lives reading books, writing papers, discoursing with our peers, and sometimes silently meditating in the privacy of our own homes in our search for knowledge.  But the remarkable thing about this knowledge is its true abundance in all levels of our reality.  You need only find the proper key and the proper frequency to unlock its doors.  And ultimately, I am sorry to all the governments of the world, through this universal knowledge there can be no secrets as all things, all actions, and all intentions echo endlessly throughout time and space.

Wisdom…If knowledge is knowing, wisdom is doing.  It is the physical manifestation of knowledge at work.  Learn it, harness it, and live it every moment of your life.

Fear…Of all the negative human emotions, fear appears to be among the most powerful in our lives.  There are many things we humans tend to fear including death, the loss of a loved one, insecurity, failed relationships, and personal danger and hardship.  Yet in its essence fear is simply a manifestation of our current duality consciousness.  For through the lens of unity, where all things are intimately connected and we truly are one with the universe then have nothing concrete to fear other than the darkness within our own hearts.  As a tool, fear offers us a deep and uncensored glimpse into our minds and our own hearts.  It exposes our shortcomings and when used properly helps lead us back towards the path of true transformation.

Mindfulness…Many Eastern traditions speak of the concept of mindfulness as the presence of being completely entangled in the moment and free from all outside thought or distraction.  Quite honestly, it has been one of the most difficult tools for me to use and acquire as even during periods of deeper meditation I constantly find my mind shifting around and going off in different and sometimes uncontrollable directions.  This is quite natural for humans as our minds are designed to work from the future into the present.  Thus the essence of an operational concept of mindfulness appears to be the actual quieting of this conscious mind allowing access to our deeper and more intuitive minds.  The process is quite difficult to master but I invite you to play around with it, acting like a child, from time to time wherever you are.  It will at least contribute to your feeling of joy of being in the present moment.  Simply relax and be aware of whatever it is you are doing for a brief period of time.

Remote Viewing, ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and other “Psychic” Skills…I honestly have not felt much resonance with these psychic abilities although they still hold tremendous potential as tools to those who can harness them.  All have been proven under laboratory conditions and appear to be rather innate human abilities that we have simply forgotten due to the takeover of our conscious minds.  Still, I seek not to dwell on them as much because without as steady grounding and understanding of love, unity, and connection, these pursuits are likely to lead towards much wasted effort.  You don’t build a temple by first sculpting the chimney and you don’t save the world by focusing solely on your mystical skills and spoon bending party tricks.  Of course at the time and place when they may be needed, I have a feeling many of us will have virtually unrestricted access to them.  While they may not help us stop bullets, no possibilities are truly off the table.

My Path…over the past several months I have been doing a considerable amount of seeking as I look for clues as to what my path and my future work in this world might ultimately entail.  For the most part it has revealed far more questions than concrete answers as I still have little knowledge of where this path may take me, how long I will continue to play this army game, where I will offer my services later in this life, and my specific role in assisting humanity through its transition.  Still, through the process (everything is a process by the way…and an experience) I have come to understand a few key aspects that I am capable of sharing at least for a reference point at this moment in time.

First, I am not there to save the world…Nope.  Sorry.  You got the wrong guy.  Just not seeing it happen…Such a burden is far too great for any single human being to carry on his shoulders and no single individual or even a group of individuals can pull the rest of humanity along into any type of great transformation.  The essence of our transition is that each of us must learn to play a role and take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, feelings, and intentions.  There is not global transformation without a personal transformation on every level.

While I cannot single handedly save the world, despite my best efforts at times, I do possess several skills which will be quite useful for me and ultimately humanity as a whole provided I am capable of continually developing them.  The most basic is that I am finally learning to resonate with the pure love that is the frequency of this universe and though I continue to struggle with it at times progress is definitely being made.  Through this I am learning to suppress my own ego and my selfish desires and intentions as they arise and I am finally beginning to fully conquer all of my own personal fears and doubts.  My entire life I have also been quite gifted with an ability to see multiple sides of any problem simultaneously and this deeper visions and access to multiple lenses of reality will only assist me as I continue on this journey while learning to walk between versions of reality and levels of consciousness.

Ultimately at this time of my life, I feel my role in assisting humanity might be simply to open doors.  While I do not know for certain (although I have a few ideas) which doors will need opening, how I will find them, or how I will unlock them once I get there, I can safely say that my feelings are pulling me quite powerfully in this direction at least at the present moment.  Through the opening of a few critical doors I believe that I can assist others in passing their thresholds and hopefully find ways of illuminating the path ahead as best I can.  The work will surely be tiresome and difficult at times, but then no transformation of human consciousness was ever simply handed down like a gift from the gods.

If we desire to build the future our children deserve we must be willing to work for it right now in the present moment and at every moment through the rest of our lives.  I understand that it appears to be quite a lofty goal and a few of my ideas may seem a bit weird, out there, or a little over the top at the present moment, but then  when you are looking for total transformation of an entire human society the first obstacle is overcoming your own fear of dreaming.  In that light, dare to dream my friends.  Discover and explore new realities and new possibilities.  For at the present moment this concludes my scope of work.  I’ll see you at the office.  In Love and In La’kesh (you are another me).



10 AUG 2013, 0015 (L), Raeford, NC, USA


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I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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