Building the World of Tomorrow…

Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of years, you have probably by now come to realize that the human race is entering a very interesting period of time.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that many of our current structures and paradigms will not likely last us beyond this decade and that many of our current models are decidedly outdated and in need of revision.  Our concepts of political power, economic growth, and military strength are fast becoming obsolete amidst our increasingly interconnected and horizontally aligned social and communal structures.  As they continue to struggle for their own relevancy we approach a decidedly more uncertain future while entering the greatest transitional phase in the history of our species.  Depending on your religious, spiritual, or scientific inclinations, you are likely tempted to label this period as something of the end times, a spiritual awakening, the dawning of a new age, the quantum or technological revolution, or something else along those lines.  Regardless of your chosen terminology however, you have likely by now at least come to the conscious realization of at least a small facet of the great transformation awaiting your species.  And by that, you deserve the right to be quite excited, for you live in the most important and critical time of our collective history…

The world of tomorrow will be quite different from the world of today.  And before we talk about getting there we might first examine what it might look like.  The models favored by many of our social scientists of today are quite inadequate for predicting the world of tomorrow.  Their understanding is based off of linear extrapolations of causality where future events can be predicted through the study of past patterns of behavior.  Yet such extrapolations work only for relatively closed systems where the overarching realities and assumptions go unchanged from past to future.  Our future however, thankfully, is not linear at all.  The paradigmatic shifts we are now beginning to realize will likely reach a tipping point or critical mass in the very near future.  From this new level of consciousness and understanding are likely to emerge and the very assumptions we have long used to construct our models and our worldview will be completely invalidated.  Beyond this point, all previous bets will be off and our perceived normalcy biases  will evaporate into thin air as we struggle (at least at first) to create our new definitions of normal.  Though the transition to new paradigms will likely be quite chaotic and for some a bit frightening, rejoice my fellow humans in the realization that it is in fact only a transitional period and the awesome fact is that you are actually here to witness and experience it within your physical body!

So how might his new world look?  First, our current problems of war, poverty, lack of resources, and concentration of power will likely cease to exist.  Now they will not just disappear magically into thin air (we will have to work very hard at this) but amid new paradigms they will simply lose their relevance and fade away.  Second, our political structures are likely to be flattened horizontally to where more authority and control lies in the hands of local communities and groups of individuals.  Amid this leveling of our political structures we will increase our sense of interconnectedness and a new level of global planetary consciousness will begin taking hold as we build the first truly global human civilization.  Third, we will rediscover the importance of true lifelong learning and continued personal development.  This will form the cornerstone of our collective consciousness and provide us with the necessary motivation to continue further exploration of our realities.  The inner space of minds and consciousness will be seen as the next frontier and will rival only our further exploration of outer space at the top of our newly globalized human priorities.  And finally, we are likely to be much much happier and content at both the societal and the individual level.  Our quality of life will skyrocket as we learn to live fully balanced and healthy lifestyles and each of us will be given the time necessary to explore our greatest passions and seek out the greatest experiences this human existence has to offer.

So how do we get to this next level of human experience?  What tools and insights do we possess which can guide us through this transition and beyond?  And how might we overcome the many hazards and obstacles which stand in our way?

As for the details, there is not much I can say for that is just part of the experience of these times.  However, I do understand that this transition will at its core be a transition of human consciousness.  The concept of consciousness has taken on far too many abstract and even esoteric meaning in the past few years leading up to the great precession of the equinox of last year which have led to a great deal of confusion as to its true nature.  In its simplest and most basic form however it is simply the lens through which we perceive and experience our physical world, and the way in which we connect it to the very spiritual nature of our reality.  As we undergo these transitions the most apparent—and necessary—shift in human consciousness will be from the one based on duality, or separateness, to unity, or total interconnectedness.  In our current state we find it incredibly difficult and abstract to experience the ways in which we are one with the world around us.  We are locked in our individual bubbles of isolation and unable to see the greater spirit and collective identity of our species.  Yet as the walls break down around us we will quickly learn to move in to the future as a single collective human organism opening doors to some truly remarkable human achievements…

To aid us in this transition toward unity we possess amazing tools for further connectedness.  Just keep in mind that these are all merely tools and not what will ultimately emerge as the essence of our future society.  Our technologies and education (informal) have greatly increased our capacity for communication and the sharing and validation of new ideas.  Our old systems are becoming increasingly broken and through the fractures in them we are seeing glimpses of what our world may one day resemble.  Our sciences are becoming increasingly capable of revealing the interconnected nature of our human reality through our understanding of its most basic levels.  And our growth in spiritual human consciousness is fast unlocking doors in places where we once though only solid walls could exist.  And our young populations are quickly emerging as talented leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs unbound by the narrow and broken, paradigms of old.  In light of these incredible developments it is difficult to imagine that anything other than true prosperity could lie just around the corner of our current consciousness…

So at this time, I invite you to explore the vast potentials of your human experience.  See beyond our linear representations and extrapolations of the future and start imagining a new reality based off of the very different parameters a new consciousness has to offer.  The work though our great transitions will surely be immense and though we will struggle wholeheartedly in the effort many of us will not likely see the results of our endeavors through human eyes.  But in the end, the concept of unity teaches us that we are ultimately all a part of a single organism and species.  And if any of us manage to survive, evolve and overcome the vast obstacles lying in our path we all will ultimately evolve and overcome.  For now let us go forth imagining and start building the world of tomorrow…In La’kesh.



12 JUN 2013, 2130 (L), Raeford, NC, USA


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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  1. The Voice of a Soul says:

    Beautiful post!! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Best wishes,

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