On Reality, Unity, and Duality…

We live in a world which appears quite separate and distinct from the one which we feel inside our bodies.  From within our biological vessels we see, experience, and interact with all aspects of our environment.  Yet within these vessels we are also imprisoned and limited as to our understanding of that perceived reality’s true nature.  Although we are biologically a part and constituent of all the things which make up our environment, the membrane of consciousness we have created to shield us from it also distinctly separates us from this ecological unity.  We can perceive the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the ground beneath our feet, and the close personal connections we feel towards others which make up the core of our being, yet we cannot conceptually identify any of these any of these separate entities as part of our ultimate reality.  Locked in duality we understand only the separateness between our world and ourselves, and thus we fail to acknowledge many of the subtle connections which bind us to our environment and even more intimately to those around us…

A long time ago, in what quite honestly feels like a different lifetime, I examined our perception of duality and came to the realization that to truly understand a paradigm, concept, or idea it is often best to begin by first examining its opposite.  Within that context, if we wish to fully understand the nature of our current duality consciousness and paradigm it is best that we delve more deeply into its complementary paradigm of unity.  Through this lens we might ultimately see the nature of how we are both connected to and essentially one with our environment, and perhaps we can better understand the concepts which give rise to our current perception of separateness.

The essence of unity applies the presupposition that while we may all perceive differences in our states and conditions we are inherently connected to a much larger collective reality.  Although we all go about our lives as distinct and separate conscious entities, unity emphasized that the connections which bind us together are much greater than the sum of our collective differences.  Thus, the past we have encountered, the present we experience, and the future we create are tied not just to our individual selves through thought, action, and decision, but intimately entwined to our collective human consciousness and human experiences.  With this understanding, the role of the individual is not necessarily minimized or discredited, but rather empowered based on his or her numerous connections to the greater level of human experience and consciousness.  This can be directly tied to things like our collective triumphs of happiness over suffering and of love over hate.  Delving even deeper into this concept, it can be noted that perhaps the ultimate manifestation of human unity can be found in the emotional and physical strength of our love, not in the sense of one individual’s emotional ties to another, but in the greater consciousness of true love for all people and things in our society and our world.  And if these concepts hold up to the tests of our understanding it may be elementary to presume that the solution to many of the great problems faced by our human condition can be found simply by reenergizing this greater universal sense of love within our species…

Looking at our sciences we can begin to see this dichotomy of unity versus duality playing out on large scales within our universe.  For many years, science focused all of its collective efforts on large objects and forces that could be readily examined, measured, and utilized.  These concepts brought forth many of the great leaps of modern science over our history including the harnessing of electrical power, the creation of the automobile and airplane, and the power of mass industrial-scale production.  Around the beginning of our last century however, our scientists began to notice very large and statistically significant anomalies within the very makeup of matter as we perceive it.  This break from pure Newtonian physics led us to the fields of quantum physics and its concepts of relativity, uncertainty, wave/particle duality, quantum entanglement, and string theory.  As our physicists and cosmologist delved even deeper into the fundamental structure and origins of matter in our universe, our parapsychologists and investigators began to discover new and interesting enigmas within the human conditions particularly those tied directly towards things like clairvoyance, telepathy, and extra sensory perception.  The statistical significance of these discoveries has resonated deeply with the scientific understanding of quantum entanglement and introduced the new concept of the potential informational nonlocality into our collective lexicon.

The limitation of our scientific discourse however appears to be even greater than its apparent strengths as it fails to accommodate for several aspects of our true human reality.  Several years after the development of quantum physics and with the development of incredibly powerful technologies, our scientists still lack a coherent picture of the fundamental nature of matter in our universe.  The failure thus far to develop a unified theory of everything to encompass all of the known forces in our world, the strong and weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravitation continues to perplex our finest minds to this day.  Along the way, science has effectively decided to shut out the complementary fields of philosophy, sociology, spirituality, and parapsychology as it continues to preach its internal dogma of scientific materialism even in the face of compelling evidence as to a much different and more complex picture of human reality.  While the capabilities of modern science are truly astounding, its potential, like all human endeavors, is often limited by the walls and false boundaries it builds with other aspects of the human experience.  A science based solely on materialism and duality can never truly understand or comprehend all aspects of the human condition just as a system of philosophy or spirituality cannot explain all properties of matter and the forces creating it.  And it is only by bringing greater unification to our intuitively separate fields of discourse and inquiry that we might be able to fully understand and utilize the wondrous nature of our human condition.

When deeply considering the competing concepts of duality and unity, the essence appears to be that they are ultimately one in the same and just based upon our differing individual and collective interpretations of events and conditions.  Although we exist separately in this world as conscious human beings, we share a connection to all other members of our species and parts of our environment and this unified duality makes up much of our human reality.  I feel that in time we may come to a better understanding of our collective human consciousness with separate and distinct experiences of that essential oneness, and that that might be one of the most liberating experiences in the history of our species.

For the future, this understanding will likely be the most critical in determining the success or failure of our great human experiment.  If we can find a way to understand the unifying nature of our separateness, I feel that as a species we have no choice but to thrive, grow, and evolve together.  Yet should we condemn ourselves to our present illusions of complete duality and ultimate separateness from one another, I see only a long and arduous road ahead combined with a very steep learning curve as we try to pursue or collective and individual survival.   In these most critical of times, we must take the necessary moments to reflect on our lives, our connections, and our realities for the path we chose to follow will ultimately be up to us and us alone.  Go with love and remember to smile…It always works…In La’kesh.



06 June 2013, 2245 (L), Raeford, NC, USA


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I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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