Times Like These…

There are certain critical moments within the evolution of complex societies when they are forced to look themselves in the mirror, examine their finite realities and infinite possibilities, and choose to either confront and challenge their existing paradigms or be destroyed by them.  These moments are filled with great unrest, insecurity, and mass confusion as societies and their members feel the coming storms on the horizon yet cannot truly find the strength, courage, or wisdom to fully examine their meaning.  They shy away from the mirror of their collective consciousness as the images they see are too complex, too revealing, and oftentimes too dark for comfort.  So they regress into their old habits, paint false dichotomies of duality over unity in their minds, look for scapegoats and “others” to blame for their collective suffering, and dig their heads and hearts deeper into the sand until they convince themselves that tomorrow will be just the same as today…

In critical times like these, which I strongly feel our beloved human race is just beginning to experience, the challenges ahead often appear too daunting, the existing paradigms too strong, and the darker sides of reality too powerful for any meaningful solutions or new realities to be possible.  Yet we all must keep the faith, my friends.  Silly humans we are indeed.  Our massive brains allowed us to understand this world better than any other species on our planet.  They gave us our sciences through which we are able to delve deeply into examining our universe and the forces, energies, and fields which define our reality.  And yet somewhere along the way, they caused us to lose touch with our humility.  We thought we could explain every possible phenomenon in our world through science and in the process forgot just how little we actually understand of our present conditions and the infinite possibilities of our future.  At a few moments in time, our religions tried to reminds us of these great mysteries but too often they succumbed to the painful nature of man and his quest for power and dominance over his fellows.  And so now we stand at the cusp of the greatest transition in the history of our species, and quite possibly the history of our entire universe, blinded by our ignorance, divided by our dualities, and crippled by our insecurities…

Yet rejoice my fellow humans!  Take a bit of time to smile, dance, and play a bit.  Our future is quite a lot brighter than our present and we are slowly realizing the truly infinite nature of its possibilities.  Life on this planet and in this universe has a unique way of avoiding its own extinction, of solving its own problems, and revealing its own lessons provided simply that its members are open to the experience and interested in their own evolution.  Life is truly wondrous indeed!!!

And so as we continue through these very interesting times, I give you three simple pieces of advice, elements of ancient wisdom in the hopes that they may give you each the courage to look deeper into the mirror of our collective consciousness and find just a few of the infinite possibilities available to our species as we enter this awesome and truly amazing transition…

The first is quite simple.  No matter the question, fear is never the answer.  For some reason we now live in a culture defined by fear.  We are constantly looking over our shoulders, arming ourselves to the teeth, and keeping our eyes glued to our television sets waiting for the next terrorist attack, violent crime, economic meltdown, or natural disaster to shake our world.  We feel deep uncertainty about our future and so we try our best to hide from it.  We know deep changes are coming, yet the fear drives us away from understanding them and capitalizing on their opportunities.  Of course the simple truth remains that our world is changing and nothing we do can prevent that.  Change is simply the essence of existence and our reality.  But if we remove ourselves from fear we are likely to see a bit more of its truly marvelous nature…

Second, true happiness comes only from within and is not based on any external conditions…As we go through this transition we will notice a greater tendency to attach ourselves to various aspects of our current paradigms.  We will find ourselves holding on to things like careers, relationships, finances, and material possessions falsely believing that such things bring us happiness rather than the other way around.  For ultimately they are simply our internal sense of happiness manifesting itself in our physical world.  In the coming years, a safe assumption is that our realities will be shaken so violently that many of these environmental measures of happiness will leave us or simply transition into other forms.  If we are too deeply attached to them, our souls will suffer from their loss.  Yet if we realize that true happiness comes only from within, its future physical manifestations are likely to be much more spectacular than any of our wildest present dreams can imagine…

And finally, pure love for all people and all things will always triumph over hate.  Just about every one of our major religions in history has tried to explain this little tidbit of ancient wisdom to us our collective consciousness and I feel that is it truly one of the fundamental laws of our universe.  It just exists in some form which we cannot adequately perceive and define at this time.  The concept of pure unity, the ultimate manifestation of love, seems so foreign to us in this dualistic society that I don’t believe many of us have adequately internalized it yet.  And it many ways, I feel that is the deep, underlying reason for our present predicament.  Always remember my fellow humans, just as our cutting edge quantum physics are slowly beginning to show us, that intention truly matters.  And in fact, it could be the only thing that matters at all!  And if you should combine pure loving intention with pure attention you will soon see all of your silly human problems slipping away back into the void from which they came!  Love truly is the resonant frequency of this universe and the more you explore and play around with it, the stronger your infinite possibilities manifest themselves into this awesome reality!

And so my dear friends and fellow humans, that is all I have to give you at this time.  Go forth and play in the infinite potential of your realities.  Remove yourselves from fear, find the true happiness within, and remember how to love because that is the true essence of your awesomeness.  Times like these are interesting and at certain moments quite demanding.  But through this transition our future is much brighter than anything we could possibly imagine.  In love and In La’kesh (you are another me and I am another you).



21 APR 2013, 2240(L), Raeford, NC, USA


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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