The End of an Age…

The more I travel, the more people I meet, and the more I take the time to read, think, and reflect the more aware I become of the knowledge that we live in amazing and critically important times.  Our moments on this earth at this point in our history are filled with a great sense of unease, strong feelings of urgency, and a significant amount of fear and doubt as we see our global societies beginning to crumble and fall apart at their seams amid unsustainable systems and paradigms beginning to face ever changing new realities.  Our governments, still married to their old and antiquated ideas, are desperately incapable of meeting these new challenges as our public discourses and conventional academic theories continue to fall painfully short.  And with the very future of our human civilization and our planet hanging in an unsteady balance we are feeling our collective clocks slowly ticking down expecting either some kind of a miracle or a catastrophic collapse of this civilization as we know it.

Many of our indigenous societies as well as several major world religions foretold this period long ago as the great end times, the period of transition between one reality, one consciousness, and another.  Their ancient prophesies and predictions are unlikely to occur in this reality specifically as written for nature, like everything else, has a tendency of shifting its course amid the forces of time, circumstance, and coincidence.  Yet the transitions of human consciousness they call for are so vitally needed in this world that it would be quite a fool’s errand to overlook their wisdom entirely and march blindly into the future based solely on the false paradigms of our present.

So what does it mean for all of us?  We can feel the storm clouds gathering slowly on our horizon but how do we prepare for the coming challenges?  What knowledge must we gain before we embark on our next journey?  What will it mean for our families, our friends, our societies, and the future of our children?  Will we pass the coming test and move beyond it into new and unimaginably awesome realms of human awareness, consciousness, and progress, or are we destined for failure amid challenges too great, divisions to strong, and hatreds too deep?  Will we finally find a way to end our wars or will our wars succeed in ending all of us?  And what role do each of us have to play in this whole mess of things we call human civilization?

I have little to offer here in terms of concrete answers.  I am no prophet and unfortunately have been given no special information or guidance from any alien or godlike higher being.  However, as a man who takes pride in investigating, examining, and challenging every aspect of our current human reality, our current consciousness, and a man who refuses to worry over the imminent possibility of being dead wrong, I find that I can still offer a few finer point of advice for my friends over the coming year and beyond.  These ideas have been developed through quite a bit of struggle, several long and sometimes lonely nights, and a lifetime of questioning and wandering this planet in search of greater possibilities.

The first piece of advice is simply to eliminate fear from every aspect of your lives.  Fear boxes us in.  It eliminates our options and cripples both our rational minds and our emotional hearts from fully experiencing our situations and our realities.  It makes us forget the fact that we are truly beings of infinite potential and spirits of consciousness capable of overcoming the very greatest of obstacles.  Despite this basic knowledge however, when faced with unknown and unforeseen circumstances, our greatest tendency always is to react through fear and doubt.  Yet if you can simply eliminate this fear, you can return to your ultimate source of infinite potential and infinite possibilities.

The second piece is simply to stop worrying about the finer details and learn to appreciate your everyday experiences as opportunities for further growth and development.  While it is far for scientifically provable at our current stage of human consciousness, I have a strong feeling that each one of us was placed on this planet at this most critical moment in time for a very powerful purpose of which only a few of us may ever find a way to fully understand in times when our ability to remember is greatly hindered by current circumstances and realities.  Yet if you take the time to reflect on yourself, appreciate your everyday opportunities for further growth and exploration, and take advantage of your random chance encounters with other good human beings, I have a strong feeling that you will find yourself in just the right spot at just the right time.  For there appears to be very few pure coincidences in this life.  Just be patient, explore the awesomeness that is your life, and enjoy the ride as much as you can.

The final piece is quite simple.  If you want to change the world, you need to remember how to love.  Every world religion speaks of strong unconditional love for fellow human beings as well as the planet, the cosmos, and every form of life everywhere in existence.   Yet many of us forget these teachings amid the busy struggles of our day to day lives and the fear and uncertainty tearing our world apart during these times.  We build walls of hatred and mistrust, arm ourselves and our nations to the teeth with every form of destructive weaponry imaginable, and divide our societies and our realities along our ever shifting tribal lines in search of some twisted illusion of security.  In these times, we must remember that consciousness creates reality and not the other way around.  And as beings of consciousness the reality we create is based solely off of the one we hold in our hearts.  So no matter how dark the days ahead may get, remember how to love and the light you need to move on will emanate from your soul.

As we march ahead into this great time of unknown futures and infinite possibilities, I hope that all of you will find the peace and wisdom you need to help change our world and our collective human reality.  You have all been blessed with the most interesting and critical of times and I wish only that you will find the best use for them and that we may continue to build a much greater future together in the years ahead.  I am working steadily on a lot of new and absolutely incredible possibilities in this time and many of the things I am beginning to see would absolutely blow your mind although I do not yet know how many of them I will be able to express in a public forum during the months and years ahead.  Suffice it to say that I feel our future is in very good and promising hands and in many ways, I feel we have already overcome the greatest of our obstacles.  Ours is now just a process of remembering exactly how we did it as time is quite a funny thing in this reality.

May peace be upon all of you in these times.  Our current new year coincides not simply with the end of a single planetary revolution around our sun, but with the end of a 26,000 year cycle in our cosmic calendar.  We are all truly blessed to witness this great turning of the clock and I look forward to many powerful adventures and experiences in the years ahead.  So stop being afraid, don’t sweat the small stuff, remember how to love, and realize that in the end we are all truly one.  Happy New Year.

“In La’kesh”—You are another me, and I am another you. (Mayan)



1 JAN 2013, 1915(L) Athens, Greece


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I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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