A Letter from 2112…

In this post, I invite you to completely do away with every reality and paradigm as it exists in your life today.  I invite you to suspend your disbelief, your deepest fears, and every false limitation you perceive about the true power and promise of the human species.  And invite you to use your imagination to picture a world and a civilization not as it exists in the present time but as it might one day exist in another time not far into the future but light years removed from the pain and injustice of the present.  In order to build the society you seek, you first must be able to picture what that society might look like.  Here is a humble and brief attempt to contribute to that dream and to that discourse in the form of an anonymous letter from a citizen of Earth in the year 2112.  Sit down, grab a drink, and come along for the ride…



26 MAR 2012, 1400(L), Sharana, Paktika, Afghanistan


Dear Citizen of the United States of America,

I must admit that it is quite awkward for me to write this letter.  It is not that I lack the words, the feelings, or the experiences to properly put my thoughts to type, but it is simply that your world and your realities are so far removed from our present human situation that I feel as I am writing to some kind of alternate race of beings, a former civilization that was anything but civilized.  And despite my years of education and personal study I can’t shake the feeling that I will get something completely and utterly wrong in this message, that some key point will be lost in translation and transition, and that somehow you will take my words to mean the wrong things and to expose the wrong realties.  Regardless, I feel that my perspective is one that you deserve to hear and could truly help you develop yourselves and see the great and shining light at the end of your tunnel of darkness.  If there are bits and pieces you do not understand, never worry.  In the end, this is a message purely of true love and the true possibilities of our collective human existence.

To start with, I have to admit I really don’t even understand the true concept of the “United States of America”.  Our history books and a small number of our eldest citizens tell stories of the age of the nation-state, but it is something nobody in our society has known for at least fifty years now and many of our living memories are fading quickly as our time and our minds are consumed by so many other possibilities which exist on our planet and in our solar system and galaxy.  All the stories I have heard and read about that time and that paradigm are ones of great sadness, of endemic pain, violence, and poverty over such a large percentage of your human population.  I find it hard to believe that almost half of the people in your society found it nearly impossible even to get enough food to eat each day.  And that you lacked basic necessities like electricity, transportation, social freedom, and universal education.  These are all things every member of our civilization seems to take for granted in this time, the basic elements of human life which are promised to all people from the moment of their birth until the moment of their death (which by the way, the average life-span these days is well over a hundred years…for some reason I hear many in your time struggled just to make it to sixty).  I also remember that those years were a time of almost endless war, of total competition between the various tribes you used to call nations based on a “scarcity” of resources you simply did not understand how to use properly or intelligently.  I’m sorry if I am giving you a downer right now, you just have to realize that none of those things are a part of any reality I have ever experienced and this is the only way I know of describing them.

I don’t know for sure when the transition happened.  Our histories, which are constantly debated, discussed, and changed, seem to pinpoint the beginning of the great transformation period around 60 to 70 years ago although I’m sure its roots are much deeper, possibly even dating back to your time.  If there were more people around from that period I suppose we would know more, but sadly many of them passed prematurely and long before their time and before we unlocked many of the hidden secrets of the human body.  It is known though that those years were times of great struggle but also great awakening for the human race.  Today, we call those times simply, “the transition” the great turning of the corner for our race from one paradigm to another.  We know that scarcity, conflict, and population growth were driving your civilization to the very brink of its survival and these forces were mixed with an angry and unforgiving planet that your people had ignorantly pushed dangerously close to total collapse.

Still, at some point during those struggles something happened.  Your paradigms seemed to break.  Your technology and sciences allowed you to finally achieve abundance at least in the form of the necessities of life for all your people.  Amidst this change your great military forces suddenly began to lay down their arms and your strong and courageous soldiers and statesman began to build the foundation of what has ultimately led to the first truly human civilization, finally liberating the minds and hearts of all your people and bringing in a period of truly exponential growth in human capabilities.  While my knowledge and especially perspective of those times are incredibly limited, I must say that we today have a profound respect and admiration for the leaders of that generation.  Many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs in the greater potential of our species and our people are forever indebted to that sacrifice and the common effort they shared in creating the first human planetary civilization.

I say the first planetary civilization because, well, we aren’t just a planetary civilization anymore.  About ten years ago we established the first permanent colonies within our own solar system and there is talk among the scientific community of greater explorations to numerous other systems within our galaxy.  Sometime during the transition new forms of energy were discovered which allowed our elders to essentially rewrite the laws of physics and contribute immensely to the era of abundance.  This energy had always existed within your civilization, yet for some reason you had failed to truly discover it and harness its power.  There are rumors of some forms of it being repressed by your governments but I think it was more a matter of science needing to finally synergize with the times and paradigms of your human existence.  Discoveries are always limited by your imagination and the adaptive capabilities of your society to harness them, and I think you just needed a few more years to figure things out for yourselves.  I hope that as I continue my education I can uncover more truths about your society, but honestly there is simply too much in this universe to discover for many of us to spend much time trying to figure out the past.

As for education, I think you will be shocked to realize that nothing is mandatory for us these days.  Knowledge, like resources, is no longer scarce for our society and the vast amount of it available allows us to work solely towards our own passions which we have ample time to pursue.  Because of this abundance of knowledge many of us continue our quest for deeper understanding our entire lives.  We no longer have “jobs” as you used to call them either as our technology has given us the ultimate freedom from meaningless labor that comes with total automation of basic life support systems.  There are still professions however and fields of study but they are based solely on individual passion and talent and focused mostly on the improvement of our society.  Some people chose to work in the fields of government, which is comparatively very small relative to your time, and dedicate their lives finding ways of meeting the needs and dreams of all of our people.  Others continue to study the human body and have worked diligently at designing new concepts for preserving both the length and the quality of human life.  There are also the preservationists who dedicate their lives to the restoration of the Earth’s ecosystems as closely as possible to their original state before they were almost destroyed many years ago.  Their work is truly incredible and I love to spend much of my leisure time out in nature enjoying the natural beauty of this planet while dreaming worlds still unknown to even our present civilization.  And then of course there are our artists, the true dreamers and believers of our generation who seem to capture the pure magnificence of our present human condition.  They were the first to dream of the evolution of these new realities, were the first to imagine the grandeur of the first human colonies, and have constantly pushed our scientific capabilities further and further to new levels of potential.  Science truly does follow imagination and our people these days are some of the most creative and imaginative of all time.

I guess I should wrap this letter up with a little bit about myself.  At this time, I am only 25 years old and have lived my entire life within this civilization.  Every day of my life has been a new adventure and I have met so many truly amazing people along the way.  I have traveled to every continent and almost every major city of our current civilization and through the course of my studies have interacted and discussed our great challenges with people from all over our planet.  We are a society not devoid of trial and struggle but we are one that has truly figured out how to work collectively to overcome every single obstacle standing in our path.  As I mentioned before, within the next few years we are planning to dispatch the first explorations beyond our solar system and if I continue with my education and personal development there is a very good chance that I will be a candidate for one of the first expeditions.  While I have deep love for planet Earth and will likely miss it dearly until the last of my days, the possibility of spreading our civilization to new worlds is simply too awesome to pass up.  I know back in your time, people used to look at the stars and wonder what existed beyond their present earthly realities.  In this time, we are actually about to find out.

Thank you so much for your dedication and sacrifice.  Your struggles at transformation truly unlocked the potential for the future humble citizens of Earth.  Rest easy that the human race is now in good hands and true Peace be with you in your time.


A Human Being

26 MAR 2112, 1400(L), New York City, Earth



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I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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