Our Generation 2.0…

How do you resurrect a dying and broken society?  How do you feel when despite the tremendous progress humanity has made in your time, they tell you that you must live less prosperously than your parents?  How can you dream of the future when you can barely see yourself surviving the present?  Where do you find answers when your leaders have none of them and the brightest minds of your society fall pathetically short?  In what do you believe when nothing seems to work anymore?  Where do you go when the world is your home but you have no part of it to call your own?  How do you evolve when evolution seems to be going downhill?  How do you share and spread your ideas when your revolution will not be televised?  How do you create new realities when the old ones are so deeply entrenched and the road ahead is so treacherous and unforgiving?  How do you change the world when the deck is stacked against you?  And how do you pick yourself up from the brink of failure to finally win the future your children deserve?

Simple…you come together.  You pool your resources, your ideas, your hopes, and your dreams.  You meet in the city streets, in the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, in the centers of culture created by your society, and on the frontlines of somewhere in the broken parts of your world.  You develop new uses for the technology created by your parents.  You take it in new directions, use it to connect yourself to your peers, and spread the voice you have discovered within your heart.  You use your education to your advantage, by far the greatest gift you have ever received from your society, and vow to never stop learning, never stop evolving.  And through your tireless efforts, the late nights and early mornings, through all the hardships and obstacles that stand in your way, you figure out how to create new realities.  You discover how to reform and evolve your society, how to change your ways of thinking, and how to break down all the false barriers erected by your parents.  And in time, you change the world…

We are the children of a new millennium, a new era of human civilization, a new level of human reality.  We still drink too much, take too many drugs, party too hard, have too many tattoos, and for some reason just can’t seem to give up on our childhood dreams.  Through the first decade of our century, while we saw the level of violence diminish far below the times of our parents, our world was still plagued by injustice and insecurity…And unfortunately, we are beginning to see the seeds of unending conflict sown within our own government and business establishments.  We came of age in the era terror.  Some of us protested against our wars, some of us chose to do our part and fight them, and many others simply tried to get by and build the best life for themselves our society would allow…only to see many of their hopes and dreams blocked by the realities of our unsustainable structures, of jobs disappearing, of a declining world economy no longer fueled by the massive consumption of earlier times.  And now, we are left with only revolution in our hands.  Finally, all over the world our voices are calling out for better solutions, for new realities.  We refuse to believe that amid all of our technological and scientific achievements that we should face a world of less prosperity than the one enjoyed by our parents.  We refuse to believe that our current realities are simply a passing phase in time but that they are evidence of stronger and more deeply entrenched systemic problems within the very structure of the society that had served previous generations so well…Snd so, we work to change them…

They call our revolution leaderless.  Through every nation in our world, every movement taking to the streets, every message being sent to our parents we seem to lack a coherent structure, a central leader, a driver of our ideas.  And yet, when total societal transformation is your goal, there is really no need, no purpose for centralized leadership this early in the game.  Our revolution is one of discourse, of the sharing and spreading of new ideas, of the dreaming of new realities.  We can’t list our demands and provide the solutions for our problems because we acknowledge the fact that we simply don’t have all the answers at this time…The pains that ail our society are simply far too complex.  And yet, through our networks and communities spreading all over the world, we are beginning to emerge as a force to be respected, as a generation ready to take our place and transform the societies of our parents.  What we lack in unified leadership, we more than make up for in the number of talented, forward thinking leaders we possess.  And through the humility established by the complex and far reaching problems we face, our leaders have no great ambitions for power, no desire for riches or wealth.  Their goal is only the dream our parents instilled in us…a better and more sustainable and equitable world community…

When you look at the tools we have at our fingertips there is little reason to doubt any of our capabilities.  Our technology and science is evolving faster and faster spun by the exponential growth of the microprocessor.  We are better educated than any generation before us.  We are more aware of our world and the problems it faces, and are able to develop better and more sustainable solutions than ever before.  We don’t understand concepts like racism, xenophobia, or any type of false human division perpetuated by our parents.  There is no “us” or “them” in our society, for we know that we are only a single human race and that we are all in this game together…

And still, the challenges we face are truly great, indeed the greatest of any generation in human history.  Our economies are stagnating and failing upon false mountains of debt while our jobs are steadily disappearing to the very magnificent technologies we have created.  Our society is among one the most stratified in human history, with vast quantities of wealth resting in a lucky few, while the rest struggle to survive against ever increasing odds…the product of capitalism’s end game as we know it today.  Our democracy, once the very pinnacle of human achievement has become hollow and broken, paid for by the dollar and a prisoner to the special interests which hold no interest for humanity.  Our wars and conflicts seem at this stage to be self-perpetuating, fueled by the dollars and investments of our defense industries and the deeply entrenched fears and realpolitik of our parents’ time.  And despite our newfound global consciousness, we still tend to slip into the paradigm of global conflict between the haves and the have nots, turning some of our greatest pools of resources into enemies turned against us by fear of our revolution in the name of humanity…of something we used to call communism…

My entire life, I have wanted to be a soldier.  I was attracted to a life of risk for worthy cause, of seeing my world from the frontlines of somewhere, and doing what I could to make the best of the worst humanity has to offer.  Yet at this point, I understand deeply that our military establishments need a paradigm shift of thought.  Just like the rest of our society, they are based on old concepts which hold little relevance in the world of our time.  Rather than preserving security for ourselves, we need to figure out how to export it to others.  Rather than basing our existence on the false notion of perpetual global conflict, we need to begin fighting for the cause of perpetual global peace, for the far away dream of working our children out of a job.  Like the rest of our generation, we have all the tools we need right here at our disposal.  We have some of the greatest and most open minds of our generation working to solve our problems and as long as we are given the freedom of thought we deserve, I truly believe that there is no way that we can fail.  While the end of war may be a far off dream in our time and the eternal words of Plato still may ring true for our generation, we can at least get pretty damn close…the rest of it will be in the hands of our children…

And so as we look at some of the most trying and difficult times ever experienced by human society, I have nothing but total confidence in the power and capability of our generation.  The road ahead will surely be rough and we will surely fail more often than we will succeed, but in the end the future is ours to create.  History will one day judge us as the generation that refused to settle for the pain of our times, the one that took our world by force of mind, and transformed it in the image of the human race.  In this time I just hope we can overcome our youthful angst, our desires for quick solutions to complex systemic problems, and the temptation to demonize rather than cooperate with the forces that have perpetuated them.  Our revolution may not be televised, but it is no less alive today.  Here’s to the future we will build, the challenges we will overcome, and the impossible we will turn into our realities.  It’s going to be an exciting road ahead.  I’m just damn proud to be a part of the greatest generation in human history…Peace be upon all of you, and may God save the dreams of our childhood…



19 NOV 2011, 2030 AST, Sharana, Paktika, Afghanistan


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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  1. Nat says:

    Don, you’re the man!

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