Letter to the 7 billionth human being…

It is unlikely that you will ever meet me.  Time, circumstance, and coincidence have set our lives apart in ways far beyond our control.  In a world so full of human beings however, I hope that you will find the few who can make your life complete, show you the love you deserve, and help you turn your dreams into reality.  Rejoice in your days though, for you have been born into truly interesting and amazing times.  With the growth of our science and technology, you will grow up more connected to the rest of your world than any of your parents could ever dream about.  If coincidence works in your favor and your life is not taken prematurely you will likely stay on this planet much longer than children of my generation…be sure to use the extra time wisely.  As a result of the growing connectedness of your world, yours may be the first generation to live without the fear of major international war.  And while the fires of violence still plague many parts your world on this day, be sure my generation is hard at work at quelling the storm and building a more peaceful future for you and your peers.  In your time however, you will likely see the more than your share of angst, frustration, and great change.   The old systems and orders that served well the world of your grandparents are fast becoming obsolete and you are born in the midst of perhaps the greatest true revolution of human history as we look for more sustainable and equitable solutions for your world on the streets of our cities, in the halls of academia, and in the boardrooms and conference rooms of your centers of business, development, and government.  As you grow older, take note of the changes taking place in your world, feel secure that it currently rests in truly capable and dedicated hands, but always remain critical, question our progress, and seek ways to correct our errors and fill in the gaps we leave behind.

As a young adult living in the world you will come to call your home.  I have but five pieces of advice to leave behind for you.  They are lessons learned from a rough life of a professional wanderer spent on the edge of somewhere looking for something that I still cannot comprehend or truly understand.  Take what you want from them.  I offer them freely but can make no promises that they will lead you down the right path as you make your own way in this world.

Educate yourself, think free, question authority…In your world, you will have greater access to knowledge and information than any generation before you.  Use it wisely.  Never give up on your inner search for the truth.  Put your ideas and perspectives out there for others to hear.  Debate the issues great and small that plague your world and look for real, true solutions to your problems.  Never look to authority figures for guidance but read into their ideas with a critical eye, an open mind, and a pure heart.  They can describe the world as it exists, but you will create the world that will exist.  Push hard, learn relentlessly, and ask the tough questions in your time.

Find your true passions and never let others get in the way of your dreams…This life is quite simply not worth living without passion.  Seek to discover the things that make you truly happy in this world, the beauty of nature, the gift of quality art, the human connections and activities that make your existence on this planet unique and worthwhile.  Don’t let the doubts and fears of others discourage you on your journey.  Take great risks, live for life’s simple rewards, and never stop evolving.

Never let fear guide you…You will soon notice that many people in your world have a lot to be afraid of.  Fear, however is notoriously one of the worst advisors to human beings.  Be completely comfortable with yourself in your own skin. As you are born into this world, one day you will surely leave it.  Don’t look to that day with fear and dread but instead seek to fill every moment of your life with enough living to last for generations.  It is never how many years we live that matters, but the amount of living we fit into those years.

Trust deeply in your God, but be weary of organized religion…There is no doubt in my mind that a higher power exists in this world.  There is something out there to guide us and help us find the path we must each take in our lives.  Yet beware of the dangers of organized religion, of human organizations attempting to speak in the name of your God.  There is so much violence in our world at this time motivated by supernatural religious dogma and too many walls being built around our communities in the name of the Almighty.  Question your faith every day of your life.  Seek to tear down the walls you see and build bridges out of the stones.  And if you don’t find all the answers, don’t worry about it too much.  God did not put you into this world to figure Him out…He only wishes that you do the best work you can for the good of His people.  Take comfort in that and do the work you must in this life.  The next will take care of itself.

Always put people first…This was one of the only true lessons my father ever taught me and I feel it is worthwhile to pass it on to you.  Never forget the true humanity of every individual you encounter in this life.  Treat them all as a reflection of the good that exists deep in their souls.  I hope that you will make few enemies in this life, but for those you make, learn to love them as you do your closest friends and family even if time, circumstance, and coincidence set you apart.  Ultimately, your very humanity is the one thing you will always hold in common with every other soul on this planet.  Never lose touch with it.

In the end, this life is yours to make.  I hope that my generation proves capable of building a peaceful and sustainable world community for you in our time, but I am sure that up reaching maturity you will find plenty of work left to be done.  Keep the faith in this life though for we are evolving as a society and a species in truly remarkable ways.  Focus on the little bit of good you can do in this world.  Live your life as hard as you possibly can.  Plan for the future with a pure heart.  Learn to use you skills and talents for the good of others.  And work to build the world your children will deserve, leaving this place a little bit better than how you found it.  We’ll do the best we can set you up for success.  Just forgive us of our failures and we’ll happily pass on the torch when the time has come.  May peace be upon you and all of your generation.

Love Always,


31 OCT 2011, 2050 AST, Sharana, Paktika, Afghanistan


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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