Renaissance Men…

We are the ones who refuse to settle.  We relentlessly follow our passions, our hopes, and our dreams around this world we have come to call our home.  We will change our careers on a whim, move to new lands in pursuit of something we can barely understand, and forge new friendships and new relationships along the long and twisted road we call our lives.  We develop the talents we possess as we pursue new ones in new and intriguing fields based on whatever strategic coincidences happen to spark our interest at any given time.  We know a little bit about everything, are experts on some things, and deeply understand the limits of our knowledge and experience.  We will listen to our contemporaries, share our ideas, spread our dreams, and create our own realities.  We have roots nowhere, yet connections everywhere.  And we measure our lives not in our successes and achievements, but in the lessons learned from our failures and the friends we make along the way who share our common goal for transformational global change.

There are truly no limits to our capabilities and we would promptly tell our doubters to fuck off should they ever even consider that impossible actually exists.  We will develop our skills in complex fields from the martial trade and competence in taking life, to the medical field and competence in saving it, to governance and competence global development and nation-building, to academia and developing new ideas and new minds, to the corporate business world and competence in turning an honest profit to be reinvested in sustainable solutions, to climbing the highest peaks, learning to fly as if we were born with wings, and testing every limit of human endurance and human imagination.  We will relentlessly tear down the walls of our societies and turn them into bridges to be crossed by those brave enough to follow us.  We have acknowledged the fact that our lives our pathetically short and thus we refuse to waste our time on this planet by dwelling on our obstacles, our setbacks, and our failures.  Rather, we see these simply as opportunities to further our understanding, develop new relationships, and move ourselves one step closer to the world we wish to build for our children.

In the fast-paced, dynamic, and interconnected world we call our home, there is a desperate need of more Renaissance Men (and Women) like ourselves.  The solutions to our problems will not be found within a single field, within a single worldview.  But rather, they exist within the networks we create necessitating our full understanding and our full cooperation to the challenges of our generation.  To meet them, we must remain intellectually flexible, highly mobile, and relentlessly adaptive to our changing conditions and realities.  We must keep our dreams sturdy, but our ideas fluid and limber.  And we must let go of our fears, our doubts, and our insecurities as we will always take the risk of being wrong, but realize that it is just a path to eventually getting it right.

So on this Labor Day weekend, where America takes the time to throw back a few beers, embrace the end of summer, and offer up a holiday to the hard work we all pursue to earn our well-deserved recreation, let’s just take the time to embrace those who refuse to settle for a single career, a single profession, a single ideology, and a single reality.  I’ll be sure to throw back a few near-beers this weekend for all of you in whatever part of the world you may be.  Keep breaking boundaries and living the dream.  We have a lot of work ahead, but at least we will keep it interesting…



3 SEP 2011, 2340 AST, Orgun-E, Paktika, Afghanistan


About briangdonnelly

I'm pretty much a random traveler and free thinker. Right now I live and work with the Army in North Carolina. I grew up in Missouri but am from the northeast US and have traveled a lot with the Army and life in general so I can't say I really have a "home" except where I chose to catch a few hours or rack each day. Overall, life is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to changing the world. Hit me up if you care... Peace, Brian
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