How to Win the Next War…

As soldiers, we are professionally bound to consider, discuss, and prepare for the next war.  Even in a time of quiet peace we are continually sharpening our tools, challenging our bodies, and expanding our minds as we develop ourselves and our profession.  Through our lifetime we have seen the face of war change drastically from the time of our fathers and the tools, ideas, and paradigms we find ourselves needing for our future are nothing like the ones with which we have come of age.  These are times of great change, of shifting global paradigms, and emerging new realities.  And if we wish to break our current cycle of endless war and deliver the prospects of true peace into the hands of our children we will need to definitively change the way we approach this problem…

I must admit that even at this time I am still not fully comfortable with this process and this line of thinking.  Much like yourselves, I am still a student of this world and a dreamer of the new realities lying just beyond our current conceptual grasp.  I understand that with this piece of work I am breaking the rule of not properly stating the problem, not describing my current operationalization of the “next war” before offering a solution or course of action.  I do this for many personal and professional reasons, and I only wish to offer this work as a possible direction of travel and record of my thoughts at this point in our time.  Regardless, I feel that this next war (if it can even be called a war) will not be fought by soldiers alone but by every member of our civilization, each in his or her own way, and I write these ideas for all who may be willing to read them and contribute to the discussion.  My apologies if they are a bit rough and unrefined at this time but I guess we all have to start somewhere…

Give up your weapons, your stockpiles of arms, and your stores of emergency supplies…you won’t be needing them.  Our society has been burdened with antiquated and grotesque conceptualizations of security based on fear, and in order to solve our current dilemmas it is best that we not resort to the same line of thinking we used when creating them.  As times change, we will soon realize that you don’t obtain security by holding a bigger army, building larger walls, or creating a more all-knowing security structure.   You obtain it by finding the light of peace within your heart and spreading it through your actions and ideas to the world.  You will change nothing in this world without first changing yourself and giving up your fearful desires for your illusions of security is a good place to start.

Learn to simplify your life and your thoughts.  We have been conditioned to worship the gods of complexity in our modern world.  As a result, we view our society and its problems as too complicated to be solved, too difficult to even be addressed.  Yet with a simple change of perspective even the most intimidating of obstacles can easily be overcome.  As you continue to learn and grown in your world, appreciate the simple life and seek out basic, paradigmatic solutions to your problems.  Challenge your existing thought patterns and break down your personal walls as much as you can.  If you have to think hard about something there is probably a much easier way once you figure out how to open your heart and expand your mind.

Always choose Love over Fear.  This one needs very little explanation, but very much practice.  Love is the essence of human unity while fear embodies our differences and dualities.  Break the grip fear holds over your life in every form though which it manifests.  Seek true love in your every action, thought, and feeling.  When you find it, never let go.  In this game, Love will always conquer Fear and your greatest enemies are not much different from yourself.  After all, we are all human and we are all in this together.

Cease attachment to material possessions and superficial comforts.  This does not mean sell all of your possessions and take up the life of a hermit.  Our material comforts are powerful tools in that they allow us to dedicate our time to more worthwhile endeavors and relationships.  Just keep in mind that as tools they are meant only to be used as such and do not confuse them with any ends in and of themselves.  In a world full of change, the greatest tools you have are your human mind, your human body, and your human heart and these will always be with you until the end of your days.  Everything else will come and go as you walk the path of your life.  Enjoy the opportunities these things give you while you have them but prepare yourself so that you do not miss them too much when they are gone.  Nothing is permanent in this world and the more you choose to delude yourself with permanence the more pain you will likely experience.

Strengthen and deepen your personal relationships.  The people in your life right now are some of the most amazing individuals to ever walk this planet.  Take the time to get to know them and embrace their presence in your life.  Each one of them has powerful and important lessons to teach you and it is likely they are in your life at this time for reasons you cannot yet perceive.  The work we do cannot be accomplished in solitude and it is only through others that we can truly learn to grow ourselves.  Love each person in your life as you are learning to love yourself and embrace the power of your interpersonal connections.  They will not disappoint you.

Embrace the beauty of every moment.  This life is truly amazing in that it gives us innumerable opportunities to learn, love, and grow in our understanding.  The problem is that many of us are too preoccupied with our thoughts to truly appreciate the lessons life leaves before our eyes.  Slow and quiet your inner dialogue.  Take the time to live in the moment.  Smile as much as possible.  And see what amazing experiences and lessons you can find in your everyday life.  By opening your eyes to the small things you can learn to open your heart to the important things.  And you might even be a bit happier as a result.

Work for the world of your grandchildren…stay engaged.  You are intimately connected to this world and to the future of our beloved human race whether you choose to acknowledge it or not at this time.  Your every action, thought, and intention will ultimately echo across time and build the world your grandchildren might one day inherit.  Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow for their sake.  Stay engaged but not attached to the affairs of men, nations, and ideas.  There is no cutting yourself off from our human condition.  Remember that your true work often has little to do with your chosen job or profession, and don’t get too caught up or attached to your professional endeavors.  Seek to do real work every day of your life and never give up on your dreams of a better tomorrow.  Your grandchildren will one day thank you for your efforts and your love.  And you will have some incredible stories to tell them.

The next war will be nothing like anything we have yet experienced and the means of winning it will be different from anything we currently understand.  Rather than being fought with arms and men it will be fought quietly in the hearts and minds of each and every one of us.  In order to prevail and thrive as a species we must first vanquish our inner demons and seek our new paradigms and new realities based on human love and unity.  None of us can avoid this experience but all of us can learn to embrace it.  The trick is to make our next war resemble nothing like the wars we think we know.  In the end, we must learn that the only way to win a war is to refuse to fight it.  Walk fearlessly into the future you choose to create, my friends.  What if they tried to have a war and no one came?  I’ll see you on the road.  In Love and In La’kesh.



6 FEB 14, 2000(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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Job versus Work…

So what do you do ?  lt is one of the most common questions we ask when meeting someone new, when beginning a potential future relationship with another human being.  But what does it mean?  Oftentimes we are referring only to another’s job, their occupation by today’s understanding.  What do you do for the money you need to live?  How do you spend your working hours between 9AM and 5PM or whatever they may be?  What is your professional role in this complex system we call our society?  On a somewhat deeper level we are asking each other how we have invested our educational and developmental experiences.  Yet with the end state of arriving at a chosen career, a chosen profession, what, if anything, are we truly asking?  What bits of information are we searching for and what does this explain to us about our current level of consciousness? 

The questions we seldom ask are the ones which pierce and probe much deeper within us on a personal level and are oftentimes the ones that we ourselves remain uncomfortable answering even within the privacy of our own minds and hearts.  What are your true passions in this life?  What do you live for?  What future do you wish to build for your children and what is your role in that process?  What are your greatest dreams?  Your darkest fears?  And how do you take personal responsibility for both?  Questions like these reach much deeper than our formal roles in society.  Indeed they question the very nature of society itself, our true roles within it, and the lenses through which view our human reality.  They are questions pertaining to our work.

Within our human language, no matter how vast and refined it may be, we too often tend to confuse and interchange these two terms:  job and work.  Through our years living within the confines of this society, through our educational and professional systems, and through our societal interactions, we have been conditioned to view the two as equals, to equate our occupational roles with our identities.  We view ourselves as soldiers, doctors, lawyers, academics, business people, salesmen, public servants, and members of our given tribe.  And we blind ourselves to our deeper identities as human beings, as members of a much greater community, and as custodians for the world of our children.  We prefer that our conversations rest on the superficial because oftentimes that is all with which we are comfortable understanding about one another.  We are addicted to our societal illusions, bound by our cognitive walls, and enslaved by our own perceptions of dependence and helplessness.

But what can we really do with this great gift called life?  What is our true work, the direction of our life’s energy toward imagining and building our future?  What can we contribute to the greater experience and evolution of our human race and what individual talents do we have to help us along the way?  Who will walk the path with us?  What relationships will we forge and foster along the broken and often treacherous roads of our lives?  And how will we know when we are on the right track?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer solid answers to any of these questions for you.  The path of your life is yours alone to walk, discover, and experience.  My personal path has been quite different and undeniably unique from all others.  When people ask me “what do you do?” I, like most, often answer with the superficial.  I am a soldier.  I am an officer in the American Army.  I am in training for Civil Affairs.  And yet, on a deeper level, I am also probing them to see if they are ready and willing to go beyond the superficial, to explore some of the complex understandings I have found along the rough road of my life, and to walk a bit of this path with me if only for a brief period of our time.  On this level, I am constantly searching for people to work with.

Although my job, my profession, is that of a soldier, my work has always been decidedly different.  At my core, I am a human being, a citizen of planet Earth.  I am a self-motivated scholar and learner, a dedicated questioner of all sides of our reality from the lightest to the darkest.  I am a naturally hard worker, forever driving forward down the twisted path of my life as I seek the necessary solutions for building the world my children deserve.  And I am a born leader, willing and able to bear as much of this burden as I can stand yet always looking for a bit of assistance along the way.

A great part of my time, my experience, has been spent trying to reconcile my own cognitive dissonance between my work and my job.  While I will always need to earn a living as long as I am still entangled and connected with this human reality I cannot escape the inherent discrepancies between my two versions of reality.  This is often made even more complicated by the fact that most of the people in my life continue to confuse the two ideas of work and job.  They are still entangled with the ideals and illusions of personal careerism and building a life within the current system rather than perceiving a new one and effecting positive change.   Perhaps that has been, on some subconscious level, my deeper purpose for this piece of writing, this piece of work (this one has definitely been at least two years in the writing, sorry it still sucks).  In order to view the true scope of our work, we must begin to disconnect ourselves form the confines and walls of our society.  Yet through the process, we cannot lose our tether, our grounding to it.  As we work, we must continue to live.

As for the scope of my work, the extent of my dreams, and the reaches of my vision for the world of my children, I must admit that I am quite the imaginative thinker.  I see the possibility of finding truly sustainable and lasting solutions to our often quite superficial yet destructive human problems.  I dare to dream the impossible dream of the end of war.  I wish to live in true love and love alone for all my fellow human beings.  And I perceive my final gift to my children as a world of limitless potential, of endless possibilities.  The road to achieving these goals, to finishing this work will not be easy or restful by any means, and indeed I have no illusions to the contrary.  But then, I guess I have the rest of my life to dedicate to the process, so I might as well get on with it…

Ultimately, there are no real limits to our potential beyond those which we create ourselves.  If we can only find a way of moving beyond our superficial constraints of job and occupation, of our perceived role in society rather than our actual power to change it, we can do some truly great work in this life.  The challenge of finding your work and walking your path will be yours and yours alone.   I only hope that I may be of some assistance and maybe, someday, we might work together.  Bon travail.  In Love and In La’kesh.



8 JAN 2014, 2215(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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Times of Change…

I will start out by saying that I sincerely hope anyone reading this had a wonderful and peaceful Holiday season.  Mine was quite restful and a bit productive.  The interesting thing about idleness during our holidays is that they give us ample opportunities to think, but also offer us little in the way of productive escapes from our thoughts.    And unfortunately for ourselves in these most interesting of times, our deeper thoughts and feelings offer us very little in terms of closure, solid directions, or coherent pictures of our future.  Over this vacation I have had ample opportunity to explore myself, take stock of where I am, and try to plot a coherent course for my future.  Through it all my cognitive dissonance has been my nemesis.  As many others like me seeking to wake up and open our eyes and our hearts to the these times of human transition, I find myself plagued by my own competing dreams, my desires to relax, seek out a normal life, and find some sense of stability, and my responsibilities to remain awake, keep my head above the water, and continue seeking out and investigating both the lightest and darkest facets of our human experience.  My work is never easy and I have had no illusions that it ever would be.  Nothing worthwhile in this life ever comes without struggle and my struggles have surely taken their toll mentally, physically, and emotionally on this slowly aging but still fresh and young human body.  I bear my scares as reminders of the path I have chosen, the deeper they reach, the more important the lesson they teach…

Through it all, I have come to an understanding and acceptance of the times in which we live.  And while I still cling to the remnants of my dreams of stability, I have accepted them as merely my own delusional fantasies, the precious ties that continue to entangle me with my own humanity.  The simple fact is that we cannot hold true stability in our lives amid unstable times.  The best we can hope for is some type of dynamic homeostasis.  Any real feelings of true stability we seek out and experience are merely illusions as our lives and times are pulled and effected by much more powerful forces.

These are times of great change for our human community.  They are times of transition from one given paradigm to another of our ultimate choosing.  2012 saw the emergence of a few of these new ideas, new dreams, and new possibilities.  2013 began setting the stage for the coming transitions.  And while I am always careful about making predictions for the future, I feel that we will see a great acceleration of that transition in 2014 and the years beyond.  Though the times of this transition will likely be difficult, confusing, and a bit frightening, I understand that they are simply part of the natural course of our evolution as a human experience, a period to be embraced, cherished, and honored rather than feared…

So what are we to do?  What types of challenges lie ahead during our transition?  What forces are pulling us in these directions and how can we affect them and chose our ultimate destination?  How can we master this transition and build the world our children deserve?  And how can we stay grounded, maintain our reference points, and avoid the traps of our own delusional fantasies as we investigate our new realities?

The cold reality is that these times appear to be so dynamic that I cannot offer much in terms of a coherent course ahead.  However I am able to offer you a bit of a reference point and reveal some of my deeper gut feelings and intuitions as to the lessons we must learn over the years ahead…

Our world at this time is showing increasing signs of instability at a level I have not seen though my investigations of our history.  Our economies and the very currencies we hold dear are on life support, just trying to survive the next quarter, the next year amid the forces of their unsustainable operating systems.  Our world has become increasingly militaristic and now, for the first time since the collapse of that great wall, we are beginning to see the shadows of the possibility of major power warfare.  Our own endless war on terrorism drives us forward fueled by its own inertia as we continue to fund and create the enemies and others of our future global conflicts.  Our American security state has reached unimaginable proportions and with every revelation hitting the news we are reminded that we are witnessing only the very tip of this iceberg.  And the levels of corruption and shady money within our halls of government are finally being revealed as we approach the great awakening from our American dreams.  Through it all, I feel that we are decidedly approaching the Rubicon, the point of no return and that we will soon experience the final death, the dark night, of our beloved American Republic.  And as our bubbles begin to burst our souls will be laid bare to the challenging realities of our times…

Yet amid all these trials and challenges ahead we can persevere.  We can overcome the darkest nights of our experiences and we can create new and amazing realities for our future generations.  But we cannot do it alone.  It must be a collective, human effort and each and every one of us has a very critical role to play whether we realize or not at this time.  Of course the hard part of it all is that before we change our world, we have to figure out how to change ourselves…

The simple fact of this experience is that we cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness, the same reference point, we used while creating them.  The walls we have built and the challenges we have created are based on fear, duality, and hate.  We can only conquer them with our collective understanding of true courage, unity, and love.  While there will be many calls for violent struggle against our oppressors over the coming years, we must understand the necessity of divorcing ourselves from these dark and vile impulses.  Through our struggles we must, above all else, preserve ourselves and our humanity.  For at the end of our days in this realm of existence, that will be all which we can call our own…

Through these times of change, I firmly believe that we can succeed, that we can prevail, and that we can create amazing new realities for our children.  Although we will likely bear witness to the death of our American Republic, like a phoenix we can pull it from the ashes and see it rise again in conjunction with a new human consciousness and human paradigm based on true and everlasting love.  Although we will likely experience the dark night of our human civilization, we can bring forth the coming dawn through the light which exists deep within our souls.  And although many of us lie unprepared for the challenges standing in our path, although many of us remain asleep amid our dreams of stability in unstable times, we will all realize the true power of our potential and the infinite capabilities of our human species.

As for me, I cannot say what the future has in store although I have quite a few deeper intuitions and understanding which I cannot reveal at this time.  My life and my human experience are forever entangled with the times of my beloved human species.  I know that I have a very important role to in the course of these human events and I am done fighting that part of my destiny.  It is only through true acceptance of our time, circumstance, and coincidence that we can find our true strength.  I wish all of you the best in 2014.  With a new year we have new opportunities.  This is Brian Donnelly signing back in to work.  I’ll see you on the job.  In Love and In La’kesh.



3 JAN 2014, 1500(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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A Few Words on Destiny…

It is quite often that a man meets his destiny on the roads he took to avoid it.  Regardless of the twisted and broken roads he travels, the wrong turns he takes along the way, and the many hazards and temptations he encounters on the path, it appears there are still powerful forces at work drawing him towards his future.  One year ago, we marked the transition of a great cycle in our time, and in the past year many of my deeper intuitions have come true while a few others appear just beyond the horizon of my current consciousness.  And while I am still quite burdened by the painful cognitive dissonance of contradictory realities and competing dreams, I am beginning to feel the greater balance of things.  I understand that there are much more powerful forces at work in this life than those which I can perceive with my own eyes.  I have felt them pulling me in certain directions, teaching me a few critical lessons, and driving me toward that which I can only describe in words as my own destiny.  Though I currently lack the knowledge, wisdom, or consciousness to adequately identify just what these forces might be, I can say that I am beginning to feel them more strongly than at any time in my life.  They appear to manifest themselves in all of us as small points of synchronicity, random chance happenings in a world full of coincidences, and deep seeded intuitional gut feelings manifesting in each of us from time to time.  While many would discount most of these feelings as simple random chance, it is worth noting that in this reality our past, our future, and the now appears to be nothing but manifestation of such orderly random chance and probability.  To experience the power of this ordered random probability is the basis of existence, but to see and understand the clues lying directly in front of our faces is decidedly a learned skill as the lifting of veils, the breaking down of our personal walls is never an easy process.

At this point, I can’t quite put my finger on just where these forces might be pulling me or where they might be leading the rest of humanity for that matter.  As with our quantum reality, order appears most manifested on larger scales whereas on the lower levels the powers of random chance, coincidence, and free will appear to reign supreme.  On the larger level as a species, I feel we are approaching some type of a great period of transition, a phase shift from one given reality to another.  While this change has been written about and prophesized by many ancient traditions, I don’t feel they are truly worthwhile sources as ultimately we, operating in the now, are the sole authors of our collective future.  By searching for our answers not within the ancient texts, religious traditions, and artifacts of our cultures but within the wisdom of our own hearts, I feel we can much better prepare ourselves to manifest the future of our very precious human race.  Through this eternal wisdom, I hope that we can learn to embrace these times of transition with the true enjoyment, love, and compassion they deserve.

The path ahead will not be easy for any of us, as no worthwhile journeys ever are.  Along the roads we travel, we will encounter our greatest demons, our darkest secrets, and the deepest depths of our collective souls.  Along the course we will likely endure the dark night of our own experience and learn the difficult lessons of saying no to our attachments, our fears, and our personal egos.  Yet through the darkness we can always find the light.  Through the transitions we can birth a new reality for our children.  And through our challenges we can discover our true strength.  The forces that pull us in these directions are strong indeed.  Yet nothing in this reality is ultimately stronger than the power of love and directed human free will.

As for me, much of this life remains to be written.  While I won’t go into any details about where I feel my intuitions and intentions may be pulling me, I can say that life is going in quite a few interesting directions at this time.  Many of these I am only beginning to understand, but the more points of convergence I find, the more connections I discover, and the more difficult lessons I learn and internalize, the greater my ability to perceive and accept the changes going on  in my life and my world.  To put it simply, I am done fighting.  Resistance to your own destiny and the role you must play in the greater experience of humanity is ultimately futile.  I have traveled that road for several years, experienced many difficult lessons, and ultimately have found little worth holding on  and attaching myself.  It is likely that these powerful unseen forces are pulling us in some very critical directions at this time and that we all have a very important role to play in the current evolutionary path of our species.  I guess I am only beginning to discover a few pieces of my own puzzle, my apologizes for not being able to explain more.  Such is the life we live I guess.  Continue your work and always follow your heart.  I’ll see you on the road.  In Love and In La’kesh.



22 DEC 2013, 1100(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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The Walls We Build…

In these most interesting and incredible times of our human experience we are finally able to capture glimpses of our truly unlimited potential.  We are beginning to notice the failures of our current systems and structures and are searching the depths of our hearts for ways of changing them to provide a better world for our children.  Yet despite the infinite potential we are beginning to experience we cannot shake the feeling that something is holding us back.  As we seek to explore and expand the horizons of our reality we encounter our own walls, obstacles, and blockages leaving us stuck within the narrow confines of our old habitual realities.

These wall are quite natural for our current stage of human experience, but if we ever with to evolve as a species and understand the empowering strength of true peace and love in our universe I feel that we must find ways of overcoming them.  They arise naturally from our inherent compartmentalization of our ideas, experiences, and beliefs and they are fed by our deep seeded fear of change and removal from our comfort zones.  We erect them intellectually to separate our competing and seemingly contradictory ideas.  They mark the boundaries between our sciences and humanities, our systemic indoctrination and our disruptive thinking, and our concepts of physics from ideas, experiences, and beliefs within the metaphysical realm.  They define our concepts of possible and impossible, of acceptable discourse and our dreams of a new reality.  We create social walls separating our groups and tribes from the perceived others.  We drink the Kool-Aide of our social norms and seek conformity and comfort rather than deeper thinking, reflection, and the search for underlying unity.  We develop spiritual and religious walls in order to constrain and define our belief structures based more on comfort than investigation and personal experience.  They allow us to buy into an idea or belief while refraining from asking the deeper, more unsettling questions, encountering our fear of the unknown, and exploring the points of convergence between our personal histories and the greater search for meaning in the complete human experience.  We find emotional walls and blockages based on our attachment to feelings, people, and events.  We let these outside influences define our existence and our experience rather than taking control and seeing them for what they really are, fleeting experiences in an ever-changing universe.  And we decide to erect physical walls and boundaries shielding our ego from the greater connections of our human experience.  They lead us towards competition over cooperation towards the power of fear over love.

In many ways, these walls lead to feelings of addiction.  We are quite comfortable with these illusory realities of our own creation and feel a deep sense of anxiety when we step outside and explore a more comprehensive understanding of our reality.  Just like a heroin addict we feel that if we can only continue the high everything will be alright, that we can once again remove ourselves from the deep unsettling questions of who we are and where we are going.  Yet just as the addict is slowly killing the body to chase the euphoria, we are slowly killing our incredible potential chasing the comfort.  Rather than knowledge or understanding our walls are producing cognitive dissonance, the disruptive sickness of holding multiple contradictory ideas in the mind at the same time.  We feel that our compartmentalization brings us functional comfort, but as soon as it begins to break down and the dissonance rises we are left with much less comfort and only the barest, most superficial understanding of our reality and potential.

So how do we learn to break down these walls?  How do we marry our competing beliefs and ideas into a coherent understanding of our reality and potential?  And how do we finally relieve ourselves of the destructive effects of our cognitive dissonance and start discovering the underlying unity of our experience?  As with many things, it appears that the solution depends on how you define the problem.  The medicine must match the understanding of the disease.

If you choose to look at the problem from the concept of addiction the solution appears relatively simple.  The first step in breaking an addiction lies in acknowledgement that it exists in the first place.  For most addicts this requires hitting some type of rock bottom, the dark night of the soul, where all existing supports fall apart and there is nowhere to go but up.  While this is generally the most effective method of breaking addiction it is also the most destructive on both and individual and collective level.  However, if you can obtain the necessary self-awareness to acknowledge and identify your own walls and addictions I feel there is no reason to experience any type of rock bottom or painful dark night.  You can move directly to solving your problems and breaking down your walls.  Just be aware that true self-awareness is often much easier to talk about than achieve and carefully directed intention is extremely important.

From a more intellectual perspective, I have found considerable enlightenment within the quantum uncertainty principle of all sources.  The principle essentially states that the more you know about the position of a subatomic particle, the less you know of its velocity—and therefor its future—due to the wave-particle duality of matter in the quantum world.  As above, so below, and thus I feel the same concept applies to ideas and human events.  The more we look into a perceived concept or experience, the less we will be able to understand how it interacts with everything else.  The deeper we go into the narrow boxes of our understanding, the more they appear to be separate and distinct from the larger whole.  On the other hand, the more we try and understand everything at once the less we know about anything at all as we are left drifting aimlessly in our waves of quantum probability.  The key is to find and maintain a balance in our intellectual research and investigations.  We must acknowledge the existence of ideas and events without undue attachment and seek out their points of convergence with other seemingly separate ideas.  Through these points of convergence we can see the interrelationships of our reality and break down our walls with a renewed understanding of interdependence.

The final option and possibly the easiest is simply to love.  I have noticed through the course of my research and investigations that I keep coming back to this concept and I feel that is the most important for our ultimate human development.  Love in its proper form shows us the power of unity, the interconnectedness of our reality, and the true strength of our human evolutionary potential.  If you truly love yourself, you realize that you have to overcome your own walls and blockages as you continue on your path toward greater growth.  And if you truly love all others, you can help them on their journey without the pain of attachment to your own ego or outcomes as you fully understand the importance of their own free will in this incredible experience we call life.  In this light, love appears to be truly the most powerful force in our universe and I am only beginning to unlock the very basics of its true potential.

As a species, we have built these walls through our quest for comfort, security, and attachment.  Yet as we continue to investigate them we are beginning to realize the powerfully destructive ways in which they are holding us back from our development on both the individual and collective level.  If we ever wish to evolve in love as a mature species, if we wish to change our unsustainable systems and structures, and if we wish to give our children the world they truly deserve, we must start breaking down our walls.  We must face our deepest fears and insecurities and go forth into the future with love and a renewed commitment to changing our world.  I’ll see you on the journey.  In Love and In La’kesh.



8 DEC 2013, 2000(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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As I continue moving forward on several old projects and a few quite interesting new ones I feel it must be time to express a bit of my vision for this work and where I hope it will take me.  Such a task seems quite easy in concept although it can be incredibly difficult in practice so please forgive me if I fall painfully short this time around.  The challenge of accurately conveying my deepest thoughts and feelings into human language continues to surpass my abilities even to this day.  So in that light, please bear with me as I do my best to express myself in these most interesting of human times…

A vision must naturally begin with a dream.  Our dreams allow us to leave the world we perceive around us and visit our ultimate imaginative manifestation of what it could be.  All of us were born to be dreamers and our dreams are as unique as the individuals creating them.  We dream of things like a good and purposeful career, a warm and loving family, a stable and safe environment to raise our children, and sometimes a way to change the world.  Our dreams are colored by our experiences and created by our imaginations.  They are powerful things and can lead us through love to the greatest good or, if treated carelessly with too much attachment, to our ultimate psychological ruin.

My dreams for this world have always been bold.  I see our multitude of complex problems in these times and dream of a world where we learn to make them irrelevant, only a small facet of our much greater unified human experience.  As a soldier, I have spent my life investigating, understanding, and practicing the art of war, and yet I dream every day of a world free of this most destructive of human tragedies.  I dream of a time when war is so far outside of our human consciousness that its very concept is almost incomprehensible and its stories are relegated solely to the pages of our history books.  I dream of one day raising a family into a world where my children can grow in love and understanding of the infinite possibilities available to the human race in a time where the universe is once again full of wonder amazing realities.  I dream of a society where learning, growth, and love are valued above and beyond the accumulation of wealth, power, celebrity, and the darker yearnings of the human ego.  And I dream of playing a major role in turning these dreams into reality.

In order to develop our dreams into anything more than mere fantasies of our consciousness we need to take the time to develop knowledge.  We begin by learning to know ourselves.  We set a reference point where we can fully understand who we are and what we have experienced.  My entire adolescent life I knew that I would become a soldier.  And my entire adult life has been spent manifesting that reality.  I came of age in the time of America’s endless war.  I have seen my closest friends scattered across all corners of the globe.  I have paid my dues in long hours and longer weeks preparing for and going to war.  And I have seen first-hand the systems and structures perpetuating this era of endless human conflict.  Yet I have also spent time in the company of some of the brightest and most powerful minds and hearts of my generation, and through this I have caught glimpses of our truly unlimited human potential.  Though I have been through and experienced every dark corner of my soul, I can still feel the light lying just beneath the surface.

Knowledge of yourself is only half the task however.  You cannot know one completely without knowing the other.  Therefore, the next aspect of knowledge involves taking the time to see and understand the world as it is.  There is no easy way of doing this and unfortunately I know of no short cuts at this time.  You must do your research, challenge your assumptions, and shake your most deeply held beliefs.  You must follow every rabbit hole, investigate every lead, and remove yourself from the crippling grip of fear.  Some places you will go are quite dark.  Some aspects of our human reality are not very kind.  And so you must develop the maturity to investigate without attachment, to witness them without becoming a part of them.

I have spent a considerable amount of time digging through the darker rabbit holes of our human reality.  I have spent many a long night trapped in humanity’s cave of shadows, and there I have found the very worst of our human possibilities.  Yet I have also found an almost unimaginable degree of hope.  Even in the darkest alleys of our experience I have found the prevalence of human good.  And I deeply feel that I am on the verge of finding a true roadmap to making my dreams a reality.  The path has not been easy as no quest for knowledge can be.  Yet I now understand that love and unity are truly the resonant frequencies of our experience and there no limit to our potential as we learn to harness their power.

The final aspect of vision is turning knowledge into wisdom.  Human wisdom is simply knowledge at practice and therefore it involves operationalizing your understanding and putting it into action.  I honestly have not gone far enough into this stage yet.  Though my head is full of knowledge, my heart still lacks the wisdom to bring it completely into experience.  Yet I feel on some deeper level that I am both in the right place and headed in the right direction whatever that may be.  While I have no idea how long I will continue to wear this uniform or call myself a soldier, I know at least that I am spending my days with good people and continuing to build strong relationships both on the job and away from it.  My external connections continue expanding and I can feel many of the seeds I have planted long ago just beginning to spout and seek the light of day.  And I have begun to feel the incredible power of love for all my fellow human beings as it manifests with in my heart.  I understand that the key to ending our endless wars is found only when we begin to feel true peace in our own hearts.  Before we change the world, we have to learn to change ourselves, and from there, the rest appears quite simple.

My life has been a constant struggle towards realizing my dreams while vanquishing my inner and outer demons.  Though this experience is far from over I can finally see many of the pieces beginning to fit together.  The journey has been a wild and interesting one and I am truly thankful for every experience and every relationship I have shared along the way.  To develop a vision you need to start with a dream.  It must be built on a foundation of knowledge and operationalized through the practice of wisdom.  From there, it’s time to get to work.  “Peux ce que veux.  Allons-y!”  (Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Let’s go!).  In Love and In La’kesh.



16 NOV 2013, 0030(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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The Final Armistice…

It feels weird reflecting on the way 95 years ago we thought we had finally completed our war to end all wars.  After a conflict so unbelievable gruesome we thought humanity finally had enough.  We thought our blood thirst had finally been quenched, our major differences finally settled, and the desire for sustainable peace finally etched into our hearts.  We created international organizations, renewed our commitments for dialogue and discourse, and ended our practice of secret treaties leading to the domino effect of world war.  In the end, all of these efforts lasted us barely the blink of an eye of real peace.  It was time enough only to catch our breaths, rebuild or nations, and develop the latest of our military technologies.  And now, 95 years later, we still struggle with the same enduring demons of endless war.  While the better angels of our nature may well be sounding the call for a true and lasting peace, most of us find it hard to hear them at the moment.

I find it more than a bit ironic that we use the day we once thought would mark the end of war as a means of honoring our veterans and service members fighting our current endless wars.  While these men and women are no doubt worthy of our respect and I am deeply honored to have served and continue to serve with some of the finest individuals our generation has to offer, I feel that perhaps there may be a better means of marking the day our great-grandparents once believed would mark the end of war.  Sure placing flags in cemeteries, holding parades and ceremonies of remembrance, and celebrating a well-deserved day off from the toil of our day to day working lives is never a bad thing.  Yet by focusing all of our thoughts and our actions on the observance of Armistice/Veterans’ Day rather than the deeper meaning it once has for our world, I feel we might actually be conditioning ourselves to accept the inevitability of our endless struggles.  By using this day simply as a means of thanking our veterans we may be ignoring the larger questions which could lead us to bringing all of them home for good.  And by accepting subconsciously the inevitability of perpetual human conflict, might we be quietly condemning our children to lives filled with more of the same human problems only on a larger and more threatening scale as they meet the other greater forces of these most interesting of human times?

And so, the larger question which I would like to address on this 95th anniversary of our great armistice is simply ‘Is war and violent conflict truly an inevitable condition of the human experience?”  If the answer happens to be “yes”, then what can we do to minimize its effects?  If the answer happens to be “no”, then how do we go about destroying it?  While the question itself may spark a great deal of debate among the intellectuals, academics, policy makers, and professionals of our time, at the operational level the answer appears to be quite insignificant as both responses share such a powerful point of convergence that the path we must take for each is nearly the same.  For remember that it is not the answers that you should seek, but always the questions that lead you in the proper directions…

So regardless of the ultimate answer to our question, what can we do to turn the tables on our current trend of perpetual human conflict?  What further questions must we ask to shed light on our current state of affairs and how can we use them to realize our dreams?  What difficult decisions lie before us and how do we use them to build the world we know in our hearts that our children deserve?  And how do we begin to crack the walls of our current intellectual echo chambers and bring our discourse more fully in line with our dreams of peace?

Of course, it is far beyond the scope of this piece of work and my current intellectual capabilities to offer any type of concrete answers.  But as a man who has spent a considerable amount of his life training for and going to war, I may be able to offer some thoughts, ideas, and possible directions.  For although I cannot change the world over night with my ideas, the only truth I truly hold in my heart is my wish to never burden my children with the task of preparing for endless war as I have borne through all these years.  If the martial skills of my lineage die with me, then I will die a happy man in the knowledge that I did all I could along this crazy, broken, and twisted road that I call my life.  And it is with that great hope for the next generation that I give you these potential directions of thought and action…

As with all intellectual endeavors, you must begin by acknowledging and stating your assumptions.  For this work, mine is simply the firm belief that war is much greater an aspect of human consciousness than the unresolvable human differences which we perceive in this world.  I feel that the root cause of the conflicts in our lives lies not in geopolitics, economic competition, or resource scarcity but within the collective lens though which we view our human experience.  By choosing to look at our world through the lens of fear over love, duality and separateness over unity and connection, and tribe and nation over collective whole we are creating our own enemies and threats within the darkest corners of our own minds and hearts.  We view our “others” as true outsiders who must be dealt with rather than exact copies of ourselves simply living out a different human experience.  And we develop our own wars and conflicts out of the delusional perceived necessity to protect ourselves from the demons we have invited into our reality.

So what path must we take to break this cycle?  What new directions can we travel?  I believe the first step must necessarily lead us to acknowledge the existence of our own inner and collective demons.  We must release ourselves from the burden of fear and gaze into the darkest corners of our human experience with open eyes.  We must open our little book of secrets, pour our skeletons out of the closet, and allow our children and ourselves to view every aspect of our dark and messy history amid the light of day, without judgment or attachment.  While this experience may be quite traumatic and frightening at first, we must only remember that the only demons we find are the ones we brought into existence ourselves.  And as we gave birth to them in our collective consciousness, so can we destroy them…

The next course we must take lies on the path to fully and completely understanding our world and our reality.  Although we exist within and experience this world our entire lives, most of us only hold a superficial understanding of our reality’s inner workings.  Freed from the chains imposed on us by our psychological demons we need to take the time to more fully and completely explore our human experience.  We need to marry our science with our spirituality, our physics with our philosophy, and our arts with our structures of governance and economics.  We need to break our echo chambers of specialization and open them up to a complete discourse on human experience.  And we need to devote our energies towards imagining, operationalizing, and creating the future our children will soon inherit…

And finally, we need to teach ourselves, our friends, and our children to follow the enduring light of love.  Love is a funny word in our society as many of its connotations often imply the very opposite of its deeper meaning.  We use it to identify our feelings of attachment to other people and things.  We identify it with our more lustful feelings and needs for intimacy in the continuation of our species.  And we often throw it around in our times of greatest emotional uncertainty lacking either the lexicon or commitment to adequately explain ourselves.  In its essence however, love is the concept of unity, the resonant frequency of our universe through which all came from a single source regardless of scientific or spiritual beliefs.  Love is the embodiment of that old Mayan saying “In La’Kesh” (I am another you, and you another me).  It is what we might call Christ Consciousness, Nirvana, or Enlightenment, the universal respect for and connection to all things and all conscious beings.  Love is enduring, it is timeless, and it is indeed the most powerful force in this universe.  And so, as we see to remove the effects war from our human consciousness, we need only replace it with the consciousness of love…

Someday I hope that we might learn to see this day of armistice in a new light.  Rather than a day of accepting the permanence of our wars, I hope that we might finally shoulder our burden and begin the work of enduring peace.  And I hope that I may one day earn the privilege of finally putting down my arms and teaching my children the ways of peace.  Though the path may be rough at times, by walking it together there is no limit to the amazing experiences we can have along the way.  Thank you for your time, go with love, find peace in your heart, and I look forward to sharing our final armistice with you.  In Love and In La’Kesh.



9 NOV 2013, 2300(L), Raeford, NC, USA

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Our Greatest of Teachers…

I believe there will soon be a time when the memory of September 11, 2001 is used no longer to mourn a great tragedy, rally the cries of patriotism, or beat the drums of endless war, but to explore the unlimited potential of a truly peaceful human society.  In the twelve years since that day which ushered in one of the darkest moments of human history we have fought the face of terror all over the world, started a multitude of new conflicts, continued older ones, and created the most extensive and paranoid security apparatus the world has ever seen.  We have suffered countless dead, grievously wounded, and forever displaced as many of our greatest dreams lay shattered much like the rubble of our World Trade Center, seeping seemingly forever into the darkest shadows of our collective consciousness.  In our search for security we have offered our children nothing other than the prospect of endless war amid growing resource competition, global poverty epidemics, and the seeds of true desperation and radicalization.  And as we reflect on the experience of the past twelve years, we must re-experience some of the darkest corners of our current human reality.

And yet this darkness is not something to be feared…for indeed fear is the absolute worst possible reaction to any uncomfortable truth.  Darkness exists simply as an opposing polarity (not duality) to light and indeed each state is quite reflective of its opposite. Darkness is the most powerful of teachers when examined and understood properly and without experiencing it we have no way of knowing the scope of our true potential as an enlightened human community.  The same as all polarities in this Universe, without experiencing one, you can never know the other…you cannot take the Yin without the Yang, the feminine without the masculine…

Our society however, tends to shirk away from its own darkness.  Its realities and manifestations are cloaked away within our closets of dirty little secrets never to be brought into the light of day.  We shy away from our uncomfortable truths and instead chose to wave our flags, raise our glasses in remembrance, and carry on with our duties pledging to never give up the fight.  All along, the more we hide from these uncomfortable feelings, the more discomforting the ultimately become…How do you end the endless war?  What is security and why are so many people dying in its name?  Are our differences really so great that they cannot be bridged by simple dialogue and true efforts at mutual understanding and collaboration?   And in the end, was this whole war thing actually worth it at all?

Ultimately, if you ever want to see the true face of terror, the true manifestation of pure darkness, you only need a very careful and introspective look in the mirror.  For the world we experience and the people we see are only a very deep reflection of the content of our own hearts, our personal manifestation of our collective consciousness.  And our own greatest and only true enemy is the fear we hold of uncovering, experiencing, confronting, and understanding every aspect of our reality good and bad, light and dark, comfortable and a bit frightening…

So as we move forward to build the future of this great human experience I advise you to not hide from the darkness.  Feel it, embrace it, experience it, learn from it, and in the end chose to leave it behind.  Without knowledge of these darkest corners of our human experience there is no way we can build a future based on the light.  Without experiencing the dark side of human consciousness we have no reference point for charting a course for the future.  And without confronting our inner demons we have no way of illuminating the path for a new humanity.  It is this understanding through experience which is truly the greatest opportunity that was given to us with brute and painful force on September 11, 2001. One day it will be remembered as the moment we finally learned to seek the light and work to create a new human society.  But before that time, we must pass through the dark of the night.  Safe journeys, my friends…I truly hope you learn something from our greatest of teachers.  I’ll do what I can to illuminate some of the tricky parts ahead.  In Love and In La’kesh.



11 SEP 2013, 2355 (L), Raeford, NC, USA

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Scope of Work…

Well my friends we truly exist in the most interesting of times.  Life has been quite busy and entertaining for me lately as I have been doing quite a bit of traveling and exploring over the past few months while sharing some quality moments with old friends and epic adventures with a few others.  An through it all I would like to thank all of the amazing individuals with whom I have had the privilege of sharing these experiences as they have all contributed immeasurably to my happiness, understanding, and sanity.

My apologies however for not taking the time recently to form some of my though thoughts and feelings into human language for you.  These times have been quite interesting and my ability to translate many of my insights is still quite lacking at the present moment.  And perhaps one of my greatest difficulties has been communicating and operationalizing the actual scope of my work and the efforts which have taken a considerable amount of my time over the last several months.  For numerous reasons, this work is incredibly difficult to fully express and at times even dangerous as humans have a nasty tendency to be ever capable of taking simple messages entirely the wrong way.  Still, I feel at this time that I at least owe my friends somewhat of a better explanation than the simple “I am trying to save the world” and that is ultimately what I hope to accomplish in this brief message.

I will begin by discussing briefly the times we live in and a bit about the great challenges and opportunities we are feeling in them.  I will then explain a few of the tools and capabilities we have at our disposal before finally establishing a reference point as to where I see my place in this great human transformation at our present moment in time.  While this scope of work is nowhere near complete, I hope that it will at least serve to establish a baseline for further and deeper discourse, understanding, and eventually wisdom.

These times…It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we happen to be living in very difficult and trying times for our species.  Our natural ecosystems and environments are steadily degrading as a result of our polluting chemicals, genetic modifications, climate manipulations, and our ever expanding human footprint.  Our governments and militaries are leading us ever closer to global confrontation as they continue to compete for scarcer resources and their old and outdated definitions of power, force, and influence.  Our economies are on life support held together by steady influxes of cheap currency as we are beginning to see the initial echoes of our system of global finance and capitalism entering its final struggle.  Our societies have been increasingly polarized as we have been taught to see division over connection and duality over unity.  And our education systems have been increasingly corrupted by the need to produce steady streams of semi-competent workers as opposed to enlightened and fully functional human beings.

Through these problems we naturally seek holistic and lasting solutions but constantly find ourselves falling short as the path to total human transformation is simply not possible under the same consciousness which brought about our problems in the first place.  Thus, the only course leading towards the transformation of humanity, the only possible solution to our problems, and the only means of achieving a truly peaceful, free, and liberated global society must begin with a transitional evolution of basic human consciousness.  And it is this path, this doorway, which I have been seeking deeply through my recent work.  For one does not conquer the darkness by fighting in the shadows.  One conquers it simply by bringing forth the light.

It is worth noting at this time that many of these transitions have been quite accurately prophesized long ago by several of our ancient civilizations.  While I am always hesitant to find deep meaning in ancient predictions concerning the transition and turning of the ages as I risk both coming off as too much of a hippie new ager and also entangling myself too deeply humanities past while obscuring the amazing power of human free will for its future, I must say that it appears many of our ancestors possessed a great deal if indispensable and powerful knowledge about our times and deeper personal investigation into their understanding will likely bear great fruit and blessings for all who are willing to take the time.  Ultimately though, I feel that is much more the power of human free will and pure human love over the simple turning of our celestial timepieces that will lead us through our next great transformation and into a much brighter future for our species.

Our Tools…As we continue our work to build the world of tomorrow, we have several incredibly powerful tools at our disposal.  While I am not able to go into adequate detail with them at this time and this is by no means anywhere near a comprehensive list I hope that they may at least help spark a sense of further investigation and discourse later down the road.

Love…This is absolutely by far the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal.  Love embodies the essence of pure unity where all reality exists devoid of separation as a single coherent body of matter, energy, and consciousness.  For this reason, it is the resonant frequency of our universe and through it all things are truly possibly.  Just be aware that pure love is based on a compassion for and connection to all things and all beings without judgment and it is not what we humans so often confuse with things like lust, desire, and attachment in many of our personal relationships.  Love is also the essence of what our Christian traditions term as Christ Consciousness and is deeply revered and respected by all the major religions of our world.

Entanglement…Our cutting edge quantum physicists are discovering that any elementary particle which has ever interacted or shared a relationship with any other particle retains a degree of entanglement with it that can transcend our contemporary boundaries of space and even time.  Since our entire universe at once originated from a single source, it follows that we live in a deeply entangled universe operating on levels much deeper than our current understanding.  The scope and potential of this entanglement is far too great for this posting, however things like non-locality, morphic resonance, and the eternal ether surround all matter in the universe quickly come into light through further study.  Entanglement, it appears represents one of the many deep physical manifestations of unity and can be used extensively in our future efforts.

Knowledge…This is ever present within our universe and defined simply as the capability of knowing.  Many of us spend countless years of our lives reading books, writing papers, discoursing with our peers, and sometimes silently meditating in the privacy of our own homes in our search for knowledge.  But the remarkable thing about this knowledge is its true abundance in all levels of our reality.  You need only find the proper key and the proper frequency to unlock its doors.  And ultimately, I am sorry to all the governments of the world, through this universal knowledge there can be no secrets as all things, all actions, and all intentions echo endlessly throughout time and space.

Wisdom…If knowledge is knowing, wisdom is doing.  It is the physical manifestation of knowledge at work.  Learn it, harness it, and live it every moment of your life.

Fear…Of all the negative human emotions, fear appears to be among the most powerful in our lives.  There are many things we humans tend to fear including death, the loss of a loved one, insecurity, failed relationships, and personal danger and hardship.  Yet in its essence fear is simply a manifestation of our current duality consciousness.  For through the lens of unity, where all things are intimately connected and we truly are one with the universe then have nothing concrete to fear other than the darkness within our own hearts.  As a tool, fear offers us a deep and uncensored glimpse into our minds and our own hearts.  It exposes our shortcomings and when used properly helps lead us back towards the path of true transformation.

Mindfulness…Many Eastern traditions speak of the concept of mindfulness as the presence of being completely entangled in the moment and free from all outside thought or distraction.  Quite honestly, it has been one of the most difficult tools for me to use and acquire as even during periods of deeper meditation I constantly find my mind shifting around and going off in different and sometimes uncontrollable directions.  This is quite natural for humans as our minds are designed to work from the future into the present.  Thus the essence of an operational concept of mindfulness appears to be the actual quieting of this conscious mind allowing access to our deeper and more intuitive minds.  The process is quite difficult to master but I invite you to play around with it, acting like a child, from time to time wherever you are.  It will at least contribute to your feeling of joy of being in the present moment.  Simply relax and be aware of whatever it is you are doing for a brief period of time.

Remote Viewing, ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and other “Psychic” Skills…I honestly have not felt much resonance with these psychic abilities although they still hold tremendous potential as tools to those who can harness them.  All have been proven under laboratory conditions and appear to be rather innate human abilities that we have simply forgotten due to the takeover of our conscious minds.  Still, I seek not to dwell on them as much because without as steady grounding and understanding of love, unity, and connection, these pursuits are likely to lead towards much wasted effort.  You don’t build a temple by first sculpting the chimney and you don’t save the world by focusing solely on your mystical skills and spoon bending party tricks.  Of course at the time and place when they may be needed, I have a feeling many of us will have virtually unrestricted access to them.  While they may not help us stop bullets, no possibilities are truly off the table.

My Path…over the past several months I have been doing a considerable amount of seeking as I look for clues as to what my path and my future work in this world might ultimately entail.  For the most part it has revealed far more questions than concrete answers as I still have little knowledge of where this path may take me, how long I will continue to play this army game, where I will offer my services later in this life, and my specific role in assisting humanity through its transition.  Still, through the process (everything is a process by the way…and an experience) I have come to understand a few key aspects that I am capable of sharing at least for a reference point at this moment in time.

First, I am not there to save the world…Nope.  Sorry.  You got the wrong guy.  Just not seeing it happen…Such a burden is far too great for any single human being to carry on his shoulders and no single individual or even a group of individuals can pull the rest of humanity along into any type of great transformation.  The essence of our transition is that each of us must learn to play a role and take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, feelings, and intentions.  There is not global transformation without a personal transformation on every level.

While I cannot single handedly save the world, despite my best efforts at times, I do possess several skills which will be quite useful for me and ultimately humanity as a whole provided I am capable of continually developing them.  The most basic is that I am finally learning to resonate with the pure love that is the frequency of this universe and though I continue to struggle with it at times progress is definitely being made.  Through this I am learning to suppress my own ego and my selfish desires and intentions as they arise and I am finally beginning to fully conquer all of my own personal fears and doubts.  My entire life I have also been quite gifted with an ability to see multiple sides of any problem simultaneously and this deeper visions and access to multiple lenses of reality will only assist me as I continue on this journey while learning to walk between versions of reality and levels of consciousness.

Ultimately at this time of my life, I feel my role in assisting humanity might be simply to open doors.  While I do not know for certain (although I have a few ideas) which doors will need opening, how I will find them, or how I will unlock them once I get there, I can safely say that my feelings are pulling me quite powerfully in this direction at least at the present moment.  Through the opening of a few critical doors I believe that I can assist others in passing their thresholds and hopefully find ways of illuminating the path ahead as best I can.  The work will surely be tiresome and difficult at times, but then no transformation of human consciousness was ever simply handed down like a gift from the gods.

If we desire to build the future our children deserve we must be willing to work for it right now in the present moment and at every moment through the rest of our lives.  I understand that it appears to be quite a lofty goal and a few of my ideas may seem a bit weird, out there, or a little over the top at the present moment, but then  when you are looking for total transformation of an entire human society the first obstacle is overcoming your own fear of dreaming.  In that light, dare to dream my friends.  Discover and explore new realities and new possibilities.  For at the present moment this concludes my scope of work.  I’ll see you at the office.  In Love and In La’kesh (you are another me).



10 AUG 2013, 0015 (L), Raeford, NC, USA

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Building the World of Tomorrow…

Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of years, you have probably by now come to realize that the human race is entering a very interesting period of time.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that many of our current structures and paradigms will not likely last us beyond this decade and that many of our current models are decidedly outdated and in need of revision.  Our concepts of political power, economic growth, and military strength are fast becoming obsolete amidst our increasingly interconnected and horizontally aligned social and communal structures.  As they continue to struggle for their own relevancy we approach a decidedly more uncertain future while entering the greatest transitional phase in the history of our species.  Depending on your religious, spiritual, or scientific inclinations, you are likely tempted to label this period as something of the end times, a spiritual awakening, the dawning of a new age, the quantum or technological revolution, or something else along those lines.  Regardless of your chosen terminology however, you have likely by now at least come to the conscious realization of at least a small facet of the great transformation awaiting your species.  And by that, you deserve the right to be quite excited, for you live in the most important and critical time of our collective history…

The world of tomorrow will be quite different from the world of today.  And before we talk about getting there we might first examine what it might look like.  The models favored by many of our social scientists of today are quite inadequate for predicting the world of tomorrow.  Their understanding is based off of linear extrapolations of causality where future events can be predicted through the study of past patterns of behavior.  Yet such extrapolations work only for relatively closed systems where the overarching realities and assumptions go unchanged from past to future.  Our future however, thankfully, is not linear at all.  The paradigmatic shifts we are now beginning to realize will likely reach a tipping point or critical mass in the very near future.  From this new level of consciousness and understanding are likely to emerge and the very assumptions we have long used to construct our models and our worldview will be completely invalidated.  Beyond this point, all previous bets will be off and our perceived normalcy biases  will evaporate into thin air as we struggle (at least at first) to create our new definitions of normal.  Though the transition to new paradigms will likely be quite chaotic and for some a bit frightening, rejoice my fellow humans in the realization that it is in fact only a transitional period and the awesome fact is that you are actually here to witness and experience it within your physical body!

So how might his new world look?  First, our current problems of war, poverty, lack of resources, and concentration of power will likely cease to exist.  Now they will not just disappear magically into thin air (we will have to work very hard at this) but amid new paradigms they will simply lose their relevance and fade away.  Second, our political structures are likely to be flattened horizontally to where more authority and control lies in the hands of local communities and groups of individuals.  Amid this leveling of our political structures we will increase our sense of interconnectedness and a new level of global planetary consciousness will begin taking hold as we build the first truly global human civilization.  Third, we will rediscover the importance of true lifelong learning and continued personal development.  This will form the cornerstone of our collective consciousness and provide us with the necessary motivation to continue further exploration of our realities.  The inner space of minds and consciousness will be seen as the next frontier and will rival only our further exploration of outer space at the top of our newly globalized human priorities.  And finally, we are likely to be much much happier and content at both the societal and the individual level.  Our quality of life will skyrocket as we learn to live fully balanced and healthy lifestyles and each of us will be given the time necessary to explore our greatest passions and seek out the greatest experiences this human existence has to offer.

So how do we get to this next level of human experience?  What tools and insights do we possess which can guide us through this transition and beyond?  And how might we overcome the many hazards and obstacles which stand in our way?

As for the details, there is not much I can say for that is just part of the experience of these times.  However, I do understand that this transition will at its core be a transition of human consciousness.  The concept of consciousness has taken on far too many abstract and even esoteric meaning in the past few years leading up to the great precession of the equinox of last year which have led to a great deal of confusion as to its true nature.  In its simplest and most basic form however it is simply the lens through which we perceive and experience our physical world, and the way in which we connect it to the very spiritual nature of our reality.  As we undergo these transitions the most apparent—and necessary—shift in human consciousness will be from the one based on duality, or separateness, to unity, or total interconnectedness.  In our current state we find it incredibly difficult and abstract to experience the ways in which we are one with the world around us.  We are locked in our individual bubbles of isolation and unable to see the greater spirit and collective identity of our species.  Yet as the walls break down around us we will quickly learn to move in to the future as a single collective human organism opening doors to some truly remarkable human achievements…

To aid us in this transition toward unity we possess amazing tools for further connectedness.  Just keep in mind that these are all merely tools and not what will ultimately emerge as the essence of our future society.  Our technologies and education (informal) have greatly increased our capacity for communication and the sharing and validation of new ideas.  Our old systems are becoming increasingly broken and through the fractures in them we are seeing glimpses of what our world may one day resemble.  Our sciences are becoming increasingly capable of revealing the interconnected nature of our human reality through our understanding of its most basic levels.  And our growth in spiritual human consciousness is fast unlocking doors in places where we once though only solid walls could exist.  And our young populations are quickly emerging as talented leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs unbound by the narrow and broken, paradigms of old.  In light of these incredible developments it is difficult to imagine that anything other than true prosperity could lie just around the corner of our current consciousness…

So at this time, I invite you to explore the vast potentials of your human experience.  See beyond our linear representations and extrapolations of the future and start imagining a new reality based off of the very different parameters a new consciousness has to offer.  The work though our great transitions will surely be immense and though we will struggle wholeheartedly in the effort many of us will not likely see the results of our endeavors through human eyes.  But in the end, the concept of unity teaches us that we are ultimately all a part of a single organism and species.  And if any of us manage to survive, evolve and overcome the vast obstacles lying in our path we all will ultimately evolve and overcome.  For now let us go forth imagining and start building the world of tomorrow…In La’kesh.



12 JUN 2013, 2130 (L), Raeford, NC, USA

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